Trade Bill

Written evidence submitted by Tracy Roche (TB23)

Dear Sirs,

It has been brought to my attention that government is proposing to rollover terms on 36 trade agreements with 88 countries and 9 trade blocs with no structured consultation, with the devolved administrations, regions, business, unions, NGOs or civil society organisations.

I am a member of the ICC and have worked in Trade Finance for the past 30 years and feel it important that I voice the importance of agreeing free Trade agreement with our partners around the world.

It would be considered negligent on the part of Government to rollover the current terms of the trade agreements, without allowing consultation with the ICC and other Trade organisations who are our representation with Government on this issue.

I very much support the government message to promote a free trade model that works for everyone but cannot stress strongly enough how important it is for government to seize this opportunity for Free Trade agreements,

Government has an obligation to the UK to make a commitment to establish a new, more inclusive model of engagement and consultation, so every stakeholder has a voice in how we do trade.

January 2018


Prepared 30th January 2018