Trade Bill

Written evidence submitted by 38 Degrees (TB29)

Please find enclosed 38 Degrees’ written response to your consultation on the Trade Bill , which 221,492 m embers of 38 Degrees have added their name to.

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About 38 Degrees:

38 Degrees brings together millions of citizens from all across the United Kingdom. We’re independent of all political parties, and funded by tens of thousands of individual donations from members. We work together to make people-powered change happen on issues that matter to us.

38 Degrees believes that democracy works better when more people are involved. That’s why we’re crowd-sourcing a vision for the future of our country following the referendum vote in favour of Brexit on June 23 rd last year.

38 Degrees members didn’t all agree about how to vote in the EU referendum. Roughly half of 38 Degrees voted to Remain, and half to Leave. 38 Degrees members live all over the UK, in all kinds of circumstances and with all kinds of experiences. So inevitably we reached differing conclusions about whether the EU was working and whether it was worth staying.

But whilst we had to agree to disagree about the referendum itself, 38 Degrees members still have huge amounts in common. We all want to make sure our country thrives in the future, and that we play a positive role in the world.

After the referendum result, 38 Degrees members voted to find common ground between Leave and Remain voters, and come up with a positive, hopeful vision for how Brexit could work. We’ve called this project DIY Brexit.

So far, over 400,000 members have taken part in DIY Brexit. Over 8 million votes have been cast in online surveys. Dozens of conversations involving hundreds of people have been held using video conferencing, to refine specific parts of the vision including trade, public services, and rights.

Delegations of Leave and Remain voters, working together, have held discussions with over 100 MPs. The result is an evolving, people-powered vision of how Brexit could work. You can read more about the project here.

38 Degrees ’ response:

38 Degrees members have a range of different opinions on the result of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. However, we are now united in wanting a Brexit deal that works for all of us.

Trade isn’t just something for politicians to discuss. It’s our ever yday - the good and the bad. It’ s the flights our members take to every corner of the globe. Or the reason we have access to NHS drugs invented thousands of miles away.

But we also know that trade deals can be done badly - when they put big corporations above people, jobs and the environment. When Parliament is locked out of scrutinising and debating trade deals, the public are locked out too.

That is why 221,492 38 Degrees members are asking :

Trade is too important to be done in secret. Make all post-Brexit trade deals accountable and transparent by:

· giving MPs the chance to debate and vote on them

· consulting the public to make sure trade deals work for everyone

Full details of 38 Degrees members demands to the committee can be found here:

38 Degrees: Don’t lock the public out of trade deals:

Below are a selection of comments from 38 Degrees members outlining the importance of this issue to them :

" We must have a democratic say in the matters of trade. Nothing should be decided behind closed doors , and must be transparent."

Myra M

"The trade deals that result from Brexit will affect every one of us. MPs are the representatives of the people and under a democratic system they must have the right to scrutinise, debate and vote on any trade deals, otherwise the public as a whole will be shut out. It is an essential part of our democracy that MPs should have this vote in order to make sure that all deals work properly for the people of this country."

Brenda U

"We are a parliamentary democracy and on a major issue such as the Brexit, parliament should have an in depth debate about any trade deal and the final say on the details of such."

Malcolm S

"Trade deals will have massive impact over the next few decades. They need to be scrutinised and agreed by our elected r epresentatives and transparent to the public."

Jeremy S

" The trade deals are ostensibly being brokered for the good of all citizens in the UK, therefore the public and MPs should have the right to see the detail of what the government intends to commit us to. "

Moira K

January 2018


Prepared 1st February 2018