Wild Animals in Circuses (No.2) Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mr. D. A. Snee (WAC03)

Wild Animals in Circuses (No.2) Bill

To whom it may concern,

I would like to question the validity of this bill as I feel that it is not being fairly researched or debated. Having read all the comments from last night I would like to question how the MP's conclude that 95% of the country are in favour of this ban on the use of wild animals in a traveling circus. I live in Fleetwood, Lancashire, and have never been asked for my opinion - I cannot find a single person who has. Surely if that many members of the public were opposed to the use of these animals then the circus would not have enough custom to continue? The fact is that they fill shows all over the country time and time again - that speaks for itself. Circus Mondao comes to Thornton Cleveleys for 4 weeks every August and is extremely popular year on year. I would like to point out that there are many circus' that perform without any animals so that the people who oppose the use of animals can choose to go to one of these, yet you seek to take that freedom of choice away from many people who do like to see the animals. To me, and many others, a circus is not a circus without animals. I also do not think that your MP's are looking into this properly and are looking at the situation in a biased way rather than an impartial one. They are relying on information - and misinformation - provided by animal rights organisations, (totally different to animal welfare ones). PETA are mentioned, they have very questionable methods of operation and motives, also ADI etc. One MP talks about the Disney film Dumbo, another talks about visits to the circus when they were a child - totally out of touch with the modern day circus. They talk about animals being forced to perform unnatural trick through fear. This may have been the case with some unreputable circus' in the past (many years ago) or in foreign countries, but it is certainly not true in this day and age where the animals do not do anything that could be considered unnatural behaviour and are trained with kindness and treats. Unless the MP's do a fair poll so that everyone has their say then they are not giving a true and fair representation of the country's wishes, and they certainly are not representing myself, family or friends. I also question the fact that the existing animals should not be allowed to continue to tour with the people who love and care for them. Surely it would be best to let them continue with the lifestyle and people that they know under the current licencing system and make it a clause that no further animals can be added either now or in the future? The animals are all currently microchipped and licenced so it would be easy to check and implement that. These animals are unique in that they have never been wild, never been in a sanctuary, wildlife park or zoo. Most were born in the circus and they are like pets or part of the family. They are used to daily interaction with people and a lot of stimulation and thrive on it. If you research it, you will find that most circus animals have a much longer lifespan than the equivalent animals do in the wild or in zoo's. Stopping these animals from continuing to lead the life they do - a full one with fresh grazing every week and plenty of stimulation - could lead them to become stressed and depressed. Also, none of the 19 animals currently used are what most people think of as "wild" when a circus is mentioned, there are no lions, tigers, elephants etc. involved. Camels are classed as domesticated in almost every other country in the world and reindeer are commonly kept and farmed. All of this needs to be considered fairly and equally.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. D. A. Snee.

May 2019


Prepared 22nd May 2019