Wild Animals in Circuses (No.2) Bill

Written evidence submitted by Mr David Kidd (WAC18)

I wish to object most strongly to the proposed WILD ANIMALS IN CIRCUS (bill 2).

The current system of licensing is working well and does not need to be taken further.

I have personally visited Circus Mondeo and Peter Jolly’s to name the two main ones touring England and Wales this year and cannot in all honesty see why there is a need to ban them from using "wild" animals.

Everyone seems to be listening to the so called "animal rights" activists who in all honesty are not going to stop until all human/animal contact is banned. Circuses are only the thin edge of the wedge. These people do not even want people having pet dogs!

I would like to request that members deciding on this bill actually visit both of these two circuses I mentioned above to see for themselves exactly what they are being manipulated to ban.

I myself have seen no evidence of animal cruelty, no evidence of poor treatment of any kind whatsoever. I have seen spacious living and exercise quarters, good access to water and adequate transport facilities.

The Circus people love their animals and despite what the animal rights people say, look after and put their animal’s welfare first. They treat their animals like one of the family.

There is a big difference between animal rights and animal welfare, and I truly believe that the current licensing system more than protects animal welfare and should be continued.

There are plenty of people like me who still enjoy visiting traditional animal circuses and we should have the choice to either visit or not.

A ban should not be enforced on all of us because of the twisted views of the few - everyone’s views should be taken into account - not just the ones who shout the loudest.

May 2019


Prepared 23rd May 2019