Energy efficiency: building towards net zero Contents



1 Introduction

Energy efficiency and net zero

Scale of the challenge

Addressing fuel poverty

Wider net benefits

Current Government action

Our inquiry

2 Delivering Residential Energy Efficiency

Ambition of residential EPC targets

Progress towards EPC targets

Deployment of insulation

Who should pay for domestic energy efficiency?

Current investment and the Devolved Nations

Required investment

Government’s assessment of required investment

National Infrastructure Priority

Lessons from Scotland

What difference would it make?

The National Infrastructure Commission

3 Fuel Poverty Policy

Progress towards fuel poverty targets

Assessing the Energy Company Obligation


Targeting and the low-cost focus

Delivery and top-up funds

Eligibility for ECO

A comprehensive, multi-tiered fuel poverty policy

Local fuel poverty support

National fuel poverty support

Fuel bill payments

Standards of installation

Energy efficiency advice

4 Able to pay

The Green Deal

State of the market

Driving and enabling demand

The Green Finance Strategy

5 The Rented Sector

Private rented sector

Cost cap

Enforcement of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Social rented sector

6 New Build Properties

Zero Carbon Homes

Future Homes Standard

Outdated regulatory standards

The performance gap

7 Commercial Buildings

Progress within the commercial sector

Regulatory framework

Operational ratings

Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme

New Build Commercial Buildings


Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 12 July 2019