Leaving the EU: implications for the civil nuclear sector Contents


Terms of Reference



1 The decision to leave Euratom

2 Regulation—Nuclear Safeguards

Role of nuclear safeguards in trade and research collaboration

Government position on safeguards

Establishing a new safeguards regime: practical considerations

3 Market access, non-tariff barriers and trade

Civil nuclear and the UK economy

Market access and nuclear cooperation agreements

Trade opportunities

4 Research and development

5 Skills

6 Transitional arrangements and our future relationship

Transitional arrangements

Future relationship

7 Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: Notes from FORATOM visit, Brussels

Annex 2: Notes from Hinkley Point C visit

Appendix 1: Letter from Richard Harrington MP with key milestones for the Government’s Euratom exit programme

Appendix 2: Briefing from the ONR on the difference between international safeguards obligations and Euratom standards

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

13 December 2017