The response from business to the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration Contents


35.We invite the House to take into account the views of these four important sectors on the likely impact of the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on their current and future prospects, and consequently on investment, jobs and economic growth. The consistent and overwhelming message expressed by these sectors is that to make business decisions they need certainty and it is for that reason they support the Withdrawal Agreement. Leaving the EU without a deal would have catastrophic consequences and must be avoided. That said, no businesses that we have taken evidence from held the view that—from an industry perspective—the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration provide a deal as good as the one we already have with the EU. While the certainty provided by the assurance of a transition period is essential for businesses, concerns remain that it will be used up by another prolonged negotiation, leaving them with a further major change to manage.

Published: 10 December 2018