Small businesses and productivity Contents



1 Introduction - Small Businesses and Productivity

The Importance of SME productivity

UK Productivity and its ‘Long Tail’

The BEIS Committee’s Inquiry into Small Businesses and Productivity

Treasury Select Committee Inquiry on SME Finance

2 SMEs and Productivity

What is productivity and why does it matter?

The UK’s overall productivity gap

Small businesses and the ‘Long Tail’ of UK productivity

What does productivity mean to small businesses?

3 SME Access to Support and Advice

Government support for SMEs

EU support for SMEs

Government initiatives to address the productivity gap

Local advice and support for SMEs

4 Leadership, Management and Digital Skills

Leadership and management skills

Barriers to SMEs acquiring leadership and management skills

Digital skills

5 Scale-ups

What are Scale-ups and why do they matter?

How is the UK doing in terms of Scale-Ups and where are the Gaps?

Helping SMEs to scale up

6 Late Payments, Retentions and Government Procurement

Unfavourable payment terms

Late payments and their extent

The impact of late payments

Government action on late payments

Why don’t SMEs chase late payments?

Making more progress on late payments

Retention payments

Government procurement and SMEs

7 Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 5 December 2018