Modern methods of construction


Terms of reference


1 Introduction

2 Government’s homebuilding targets and the case for MMC

Potential benefits of using MMC to build homes

Barriers to using MMC to build homes

3 Defining MMC

What do “modern methods of construction” encompass?

The MMC definition framework

4 Quality assurance and warranties

Primary concerns

Accessing long-term data

Tracking database

Warranty providers and an “MMC Scheme”

5 Workforce and training

Workforce shortages

Apprenticeships and training

Research and development

6 Supply chain

Aggregating demand

Designs for MMC homes

Identifying best practice in MMC

Industrial Strategy Construction Sector Deal

7 Local authorities

Social housing

The planning system

8 Access to land

9 Building regulations and energy efficiency

Building regulations and MMC

Energy efficiency

10 Access to finance

Government backed schemes

SME homebuilders


Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 3 July 2019