Pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Tenant Fees Bill Contents


157.The inquiry’s terms of reference asked whether the draft Tenant Fees Bill would achieve the Government’s objective of delivering “a fairer, more competitive, and more affordable lettings market where tenants have greater clarity and control over what they will pay and where the landlord is the primary customer of the letting agent”. Most of the evidence we received argued that the draft Bill would enable the Government’s objectives to be achieved to some extent, and we support this view.

158.It is clear that the draft Bill addresses challenges in the private rented sector, and, with its focus on developing a more balanced lettings market, will be welcomed by tenants. That is not to say that improvements could not be made. We have heard suggested amendments from the majority of witnesses. This report details which suggestions we endorse.

159.Our inquiry has considered only the draft Bill. We have not considered other ways that the Government could improve the sector for all involved. The Bill is not a panacea. We refer to our ongoing inquiry into the private rented sector for our consideration of the sector more widely.

160.We now ask the Secretary of State to consider our conclusions and recommendations and accordingly revise the draft Bill before introducing it to Parliament. We hope that the Bill will begin its Parliamentary journey without delay.

Published: 29 March 2018