Disinformation and 'fake news': Final Report Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FKN numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

189up (FKN0106)

2Adblock Plus (FKN0046)

3Advertising Standards Authority, supplementary (FKN0110)

4Age of Autism (FKN0010)

5Age of Autism, supplementary (FKN0027)

6AggregateIQ (FKN0086)

7Alegre, Ms Susie (FKN0081)

8Alexander Nix, supplementary (FKN0072)

9Amy Mitchell, Pew Research Centre (FKN0041)

10Andrews, Professor Leighton (FKN0006)

11Arundel Bypass Neighbourhood Committee (FKN0097)

12Association for Citizenship Teaching (FKN0012)

13Avaaz (FKN0073)

14Bangor University (FKN0003)

15Banks, Arron, supplementary(FKN0059)

16Banks, Arron (FKN0056)

17Banks, Arron (FKN0080)

18BBC, supplementary (FKN0118)

19Bernal, Dr Paul (FKN0096)

20Bontcheva, Kalina, supplementary (FKN0054)

21Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (FKN0089)

22Briant, Dr Emma, Senior Lecturer at University of Essex (FKN0099)

23Briant, Dr Emma, Senior Lecturer at University of Essex (FKN0109)

24Brody, Dorje (FKN0103)

25Cahill, Mr Kevin, supplementary (FKN0063)

26Cahill, Mr Kevin (FKN0062)

27Cambridge Analytica (FKN0045)

28Communications Chamber (FKN0100)

29Competition & Markets Authority (FKN0113)

30Corsham Institute (FKN0007)

31David Brear (FKN0065)

32David Chavern, President and CEO, News Media Alliance (FKN0039)

33Deer, Brian (FKN0019)

34Dehaye, Paul-Olivier (FKN0055)

35Denham, Elizabeth, Information Commissioner, supplementary (FKN0057)

36Denham, Elizabeth, Information Commissioner(FKN0051)

37Disinformation Index (FKN0058)

38Dommett, Dr Katharine (FKN0104)

39Dr Carlo Kopp, Dr Kevin B. Korb and Dr Bruce I. Mills (FKN0120)

40Dr Emma Briant (FKN0071)

41Dr Emma Briant, Senior Lecturer at University of Essex (FKN0092)

42Ebley, Mr Richard (FKN0015)

43Electoral Commission (FKN0031)

44Denham, Elizabeth, Information Commissioner further, supplementary (FKN0116)

45Erin Anzelmo (FKN0074)

46Facebook (FKN0048)

47Facebook - Mike Schroepfer (FKN0082)

48Facebook - Rebecca Stimson (FKN0095)

49Facebook, supplementary (FKN0078)

50Factmata Limited, UK (FKN0035)

51Google, supplementary (FKN0038)

52Hajela, Ruchi (FKN0066)

53Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice (FKN0005)

54Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice (FKN0090)

55Hills, Dr Mils (FKN0014)

56HonestReporting (FKN0047)

57Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), supplementary (FKN0036)

58Independent Press Standards Organisation (FKN0004)

59Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (FKN0101)

60Internet Advertising Bureau UK, supplementary (FKN0043)

61IPA (FKN0093)

62Kaiser, Brittany (FKN0076)

63Kiely, Mr Mike (FKN0115)

64Kogan, Dr Aleksandr (FKN0077)

65Leopoldo Moreau, Chair, Freedom of Expression Commission, Chamber of Deputies, Argentina (FKN0117)

66London School of Economics and Political Science (FKN0119)

67Lucas, Edward (FKN0052)

68Major Garrett, Chief Whitehouse Correspondent, CBS News (FKN0042)

69McGrath, M C (FKN0067)

70McHugh, Mr Alistair (FKN0020)

71Mercer, Stuart (FKN0016)

72Miller, Mr C (FKN0009)

73MoneySavingExpert.com (FKN0068)

74Morley, Professor Neville (FKN0091)

75Morris, W (FKN0085)

76Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) (FKN0011)

77National Crime Agency (FKN0112)

78National Literacy Trust (FKN0037)

79The Open University (FKN0026)

80The Open University, supplementary (FKN0044)

81Penna, Mr Dominic (FKN0021)

82Professor Lorna Woods and William Perrin (FKN0105)

83Pupils 2 Parliament (FKN0025)

84Reilly, Dr Paul (FKN0084)

85Rostron, Mark (FKN0121)

86Second Draft (FKN0050)

87Shiner, Bethany (FKN0107)

88Steve Willis and Jeremy Joynson (FKN0098)

89Still, Prof. Dr. G. Keith (FKN0070)

90The Stonehenge Alliance (FKN0053)

91Townsend, Mr Samuel (FKN0018)

92University of Westminster - Communication and Media Research Institute & Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies (FKN0013)

93Dr Sander van der Linden et al (FKN0049)

94Wardle, Dr Claire, Shorenstein Centre on Media, Politics and Public Policy, (FKN0040)

95Watt, Dr Andrew (FKN0108)

96Weatherley, Isabella (FKN0002)

97Wisty, Edmund (FKN0008)

98Wylie, Chris, supplementary (FKN0079)

Published: 18 February 2019