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Appendix 2: Data collected and shared between Facebook and other platforms

Facebook data apps can access

15.By implementing the Facebook login feature in a game or app, developers can access the following Facebook user data, as standard:345

Data Facebook can collect from apps

16.The Facebook SDK also allows app and game makers to send data to Facebook, in exchange for data from Facebook, and the ability to offer users a streamlined login experience using their Facebook ID.346 The following is an indicative list of the data that can be sent to Facebook via the SDK. Most of these items are called events. The data from these events includes:347

Sign In with Apple

17.Apple recently announced ‘Sign In with Apple’, a new alternative to signing in with Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media networks, scheduled to roll out before the end of the year. ‘Sign In with Apple’ will let users sign in to apps and websites using their Apple ID, and will place an emphasis on user privacy. Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

We focus on the user, and the user wants the ability to go across numerous properties on the web without being under surveillance. We’re moving privacy protections forward.348

New app guidelines provided to developers suggest ‘Sign In with Apple’ will be a mandatory feature for all apps offering third party (non-email based) sign in. The feature also lets users create a randomly-generated email address to cloak their real email address from developers.349

Facebook data

18.Facebook’s GraphAPI—the programming language for Facebook’s ‘social graph’—allows for storage of several categories of user data.350 These are collected in the following list. This is a comprehensive list, but updates are regular and should be expected:351

Data fields in the GraphAPI

“Edge” fields in the GraphAPI

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346 The Facebook SDK is a set of definitions, protocols and tools for delivering user experience and creating features within Facebook.

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350 The term ‘social graph’ was popularised at the 2007 Facebook F8 conference, and referred to the virtual graph representing social relationships between entities on Facebook. ‘API’ stands for Application Programming Interface, and is a set of definitions, protocols and tools for building software. The GraphAPI defines a language set for third-party developers to allow them to connect their software with Facebook, and exchange data.

351 Facebook for Developers, “User”, accessed 27 August 2019

Published: 12 September 2019