Immersive and addictive technologies Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IMM numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

15Rights Foundation (IMM0126)

2Adams, Jonathan (IMM0131)

3Andrew, Mr Craig (IMM0082)

4Anonymous (IMM0002)

5Anonymous (IMM0049)

6Anonymous (IMM0105)

7Anonymous (IMM0118)

8Anonymous (IMM0119)

9Arts Council England (IMM0097)

10Ash, Dr James (IMM0140)

11Aylott, Charles (IMM0102)

12Bacta (IMM0036)

13Bains, Greg (IMM0052)

14BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT (IMM0094)

15Beauchamp, Mr Ty (IMM0110)

16Beckett, Mr Patrick (IMM0134)

17Boorer, Mr Laurence (IMM0076)

18Bournemouth University (IMM0008)

19Boyle, Mr Lathan (IMM0087)

20British Esports Association (IMM0006)

21British Film Institute (IMM0027)

22British Standards Institution (IMM0024)

23Butler, Christopher (IMM0057)

24Cairns & Dr Christopher Power, Dr Paul (IMM0004)

25Cameron, Mr Ted (IMM0086)

26Campaign for Fairer Gambling (IMM0010)

27CARE (IMM0033)

28Carnegie UK Trust (IMM0009)

29Catterall, Martin (IMM0075)

30Centre for Immersive Technologies (IMM0026)

31Charities Aid Foundation (IMM0123)

32Chatfield, Stephen (IMM0072)

33Chrobot-Hudson, Stephen (IMM0083)

34Clarke, Matt (IMM0127)

35Croome, Steve (IMM0046)

36Cziraki, Mr Gergely (IMM0138)

37Davies, Tristan (IMM0059)

38Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (IMM0038)

39Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport supplementary (IMM0151)

40The Design Museum (IMM0100)

41Dewhurst, Mr Alex (IMM0066)

42The Diana Award (IMM0121)

43Drummond & Dr James D. Sauer, Dr Aaron (IMM0005)

44Electronic Arts supplementary (IMM0149)

45Epic Games supplementary (IMM0145)

46ESL UK (IMM0016)

47Ferguson, Mr Josh (IMM0116)

48Ferguson, Professor Christopher (IMM0021)

49Fnatic (IMM0029)

50Foster, Mr Benjamin (IMM0054)

51Fovolab, Cardiff Metropolitan University (IMM0034)

52G, Andrew (IMM0128)

53GambleAware (IMM0032)

54Gaming the Mind (IMM0099)

55Gannon, Mr Dave (IMM0044)

56Google supplementary (IMM0150)

57Graham, Mr Cameron (IMM0058)

58Handford, James (IMM0090)

59Harrison, Joseph (IMM0056)

60Hart, Mr Kane (IMM0111)

61Hedges, Mr Alex (IMM0055)

62Hook, Mr Joel (IMM0073)

63Hunt-Maddax, Solomon (IMM0070)

64Information Commissioner’s Office (IMM0095)

65Inition Limited (IMM0020)

66Instagram - supplementary evidence (IMM0141)

67International Gaming Research Unit, Nottingham Trent University (IMM0003)

68ISFE (Interactive Software Federation Europe) (IMM0022)

69Jagex - supplementary evidence (IMM0125)

70Jisc (IMM0015)

71Johanssen, Dr Jacob (IMM0122)

72Judge, Ms Alysia (IMM0045)

73Kalsi, Mr Pritpal (IMM0108)

74King supplementary (IMM0146)

75Lee, Edward (IMM0136)

76Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group (LCFCPG) (IMM0041)

77LVP (IMM0031)

78MacLaine, Matthew (IMM0117)

79Marshall, Nicholas (IMM0078)

80Martin-Rushworth, Mr Kieran (IMM0061)

81May, Mr Alexander (IMM0084)

82McCaffrey, Dr Matthew (IMM0007)

83McCarthy, Mr David (IMM0103)

84McDonnell, University of Glasgow, Dr Neil (IMM0115)

85medConfidential (IMM0071)

86Medlock, Mr Rob (IMM0069)

87Moran, Mr Bobby (IMM0060)

88Murphy, Pol (IMM0120)

89Myers, Mr Dylan (IMM0109)

90National Museum Directors’ Council (IMM0028)

91Nottingham Trent University (IMM0013)

92NSPCC (IMM0012)

93Outplay Entertainment supplementary (IMM0142)

94Pact (IMM0035)

95Page, Mr Elliot (IMM0137) (IMM0096)

97Przybylski, Netta Weinstein, Pete Etchells & Amy Orben, Professor Andrew (IMM0014)

98Pupils 2 Parliament (IMM0139)

99The Remote Gambling Association (IMM0018)

100The Reward Foundation (IMM0077)

101Richardson, Mr Tom (IMM0042)

102Rizvi, Mr Asad (IMM0039)

103Rooney, Scott (IMM0129)

104Royal College of Psychiatrists (IMM0098)

105Sanders, Mr Mike (IMM0068)

106ScreenSkills (IMM0067)

107Snap - supplementary evidence (IMM0124)

108Somerville, Alexis (IMM0130)

109Soos, Gabriel (IMM0133)

110Stammers, Mr John (IMM0043)

111Stormont, Andrew (IMM0132)

112StoryFutures and StoryFutures Academy (IMM0017)

113Swift, Dr Thomas (IMM0048)

114Taylor, Jayden (IMM0113)

115Taylor, Mr Daniel (IMM0092)

116techuk (IMM0037)

117TIGA (IMM0040)

118TIGA supplementary (IMM0143)

119UK Gambling Commission (IMM0025)

120UK Research and Innovation (IMM0079)

121ukactive (IMM0011)

122Ukie (IMM0023)

123Verso, Antonio (IMM0062)

124Walker, Mr Neil (IMM0050)

125Williams, Kevin (IMM0001)

126Wootton, Mr Christian (IMM0065)

127Working Party on the Family, Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group—Supplementary Submission (IMM0080)

128Yoti (IMM0107)

129Yoti supplementary (IMM0147)

130YouTube supplementary (IMM0144)

131Zendle & Dr Paul Cairns, Dr David (IMM0019)

Published: 12 September 2019