Future Anti-Ship Missile Systems: Joint inquiry with the Assemblée nationale's Standing Committee on National Defence and the Armed Forces Contents


Key acronyms


1 Introduction

UK-France Defence Cooperation

Inter-parliamentary cooperation

Our inquiry

2 FC/ASW: The Rationale for a Joint Programme

The Culmination of Twenty Years of Cooperation

Looking back: From SCALP/Storm Shadow to FC/ASW

UK-French cooperation and the rationalisation of the missile industry

Mutual dependence: working together to do better

A shared strategic and operational rationale

A shared assessment of the strategic situation up to

Similar strengths serving a comparable doctrine of use

Similar operational needs

A compatible timetable

Upgrading our capabilities: a whole array of possible operational and technological developments

Increased range

Improving survivability

Integration into a combat system

Programme procurement stages: relying on the strength of the UK-France relationship

Early Stages of FC/ASW pointed to a common operational requirement

Work in progress: tightening the number of missile concepts under review

Beyond 2020: time to make choices

3 Future issues to resolve

The UK’s anti-ship missile capability gap between 2023 and

The UK’s current anti-ship missile capabilities

The capability gap

Filling the gap: bridging measures or a longer term option?

Reaching convergence on key requirements

Stealth versus velocity?

The Procurement Process



4 Ultimately a flagship programme in the interests of both countries

Preserving national sovereignty and freedom of action

Deepening bilateral relations in the field of defence

From a political standpoint

From the operational standpoint

Contributing to the defence of Europe

Buttressing the two countries’ defence industrial base

Reducing costs, stepping up our influence

Burden sharing


General conclusions

Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: Prochaine génération de missiles anti-navires

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 12 December 2018