Drawing a line: Protecting veterans by a Statute of Limitations Contents



1 Introduction


2010–2015 Parliament

2015–2017 Parliament: IHAT and Northern Ireland legacy investigations

Our inquiry

2 The Law Governing Armed Conflict


Service Law

International Humanitarian Law/the Law of Armed Conflict

International Human Rights Law

IHL versus IHRL - two systems in conflict?

A conflict apart? Northern Ireland, Operation Banner and the legal framework

The practical experience of operating under the legal framework

Impact of law on Armed Forces personnel

The legal status of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan

Legal Training and Education


3 Legacy Investigations - Past and Present

Current legacy investigations

Previous investigations into allegations made against Service personnel

Support for veterans and Service personnel facing investigation

Concerns about the level of support being provided by MoD

4 Reforming the system

A presumption against prosecution?

Corporate Responsibility

Reform and derogate?

The MoD’s response to Professor Ekins’s proposals

Statute of Limitations

Opponents of a Statute of Limitations

Support for a Statute of Limitations

The MoD’s stance on a Statute of Limitations

General conclusions

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 22 July 2019