Rash or Rational? North Korea and the threat it poses Contents



1 Introduction

Terms of reference

The inquiry

2 The North Korean nuclear threat

North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme

North Korea’s ability to threaten the UK

North Korea’s motives for acquiring nuclear weapons

The likelihood of the UK being targeted by North Korea

3 Responding to a potential North Korean nuclear threat

Sanctions and incentives


Measures taken by other countries

UK efforts and support to other countries

Deterrence and containment

4 The North Korean cyber threat

North Korean cyber capabilities

The threat to the UK

UK cyber defence

5 Other North Korean threats

North Korea’s biological and chemical capability

North Korea’s conventional forces

6 UK actions in the event of conflict

The likelihood of conflict

Legal obligations for the UK to provide military assistance

Deploying UK military forces to the region

Conducting offensive cyber operations

Providing non-military assistance

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 5 April 2018