Sunset for the Royal Marines? The Royal Marines and UK amphibious capability Contents



1 Introduction

2 The National Security Capability Review

3 Amphibious warfare

The British experience in amphibious operations

Amphibious capability in modern warfare

4 The Royal Marines

Development of amphibious commando infantry role


Training, exercises and defence co-operation

Contribution to Special Forces


Morale and satisfaction with Service life

5 Amphibious ships

Development of Royal Navy amphibious vessels

Albion class Landing Platform Dock Albion class Landing Platform Dock

Helicopter carriers and aircraft carriers

Bay class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary) Bay class Landing Ship Dock (Auxiliary)

Type 31e frigates

Charter or requisition of civilian vessels

Local communities

6 The future of amphibious warfare

Global strategic trends

Direction of UK international foreign and defence policy

International amphibious capability

United States



Other nations

7 Conclusion

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: Comparative figures on amphibious vessels

Annex 2: Selected web forum submissions

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

1 February 2018