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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FSO numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Professor Ray Jones (FSO0003)

The following evidence was received by the previous Education Committee before the general election in 2017. It can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FOS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABC Fostering (FOS0048)

2Action for Children (FOS0079)

3Action for Children and The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (FOS0115)

4Andrea and Andrew Rixon (FOS0023)

5Anonymous 1 (FOS0005)

6Anonymous 2 (FOS0036)

7Anonymous 3 (FOS0045)

8Anonymous 4 (FOS0093)

9Anonymous 5 (FOS0100)

10Association of Directors of Children’s Services (FOS0099)

11Association of Directors of Children’s Services and Local Government Association (FOS0113)

12Barnardo’s Children’s Advocacy and Participation Service, Wakefield (FOS0098)

13Barnardo’s (FOS0104)

14Become (FOS0089)

15British Association of Social Workers (FOS0043)

16Centre for Research on Children and Families, University of East Anglia (FOS0067)

17Cheshire East Council (FOS0088)

18Children’s Services Development Group (FOS0051)

19Clive & Bev Block (FOS0031)

20CoramBAAF (FOS0081)

21Core Assets Group (FOS0063)

22Coventry Foster Care Association (FOS0097)

23Credo Care Ltd (FOS0066)

24Department for Education (FOS0086)

25Devon Foster Carers (FOS0109)

26ECPAT UK (FOS0078)

27Essex County Council (FOS0052)

28Excel Fostering Limited (FOS0058)

29FosterTalk Ltd (FOS0053)

30Francis Boyle (FOS0003)

31GMB Union (FOS0056)

32GMB Union (FOS0112)

33Home for Good (FOS0073)

34Isaac and Charmaine Edusei (FOS0108)

35IWGB Foster Care Workers Union (FOS0061)

36Jack Smith (FOS0106)

37Julia Bennet (FOS0017)

38Karen & Mike Fesemeyer (FOS0044)

39Kent County Council (FOS0107)

40Local Government Association (FOS0050)

41London School of Islamics Trust (FOS0004)

42Loz Clough (FOS0102)

43Miss Anne Sayer (FOS0068)

44Miss Stephanie McNair (FOS0082)

45Mr Carl Dunger (FOS0008)

46Mr David Crawford (FOS0025)

47Mr Frederick Lillie (FOS0033)

48Mr James Brian Roberts (FOS0059)

49Mr John Sheard (FOS0012)

50Mr Jon Smith (FOS0007)

51Mr Jonathan Thomson (FOS0032)

52Mr Lee Farr (FOS0024)

53Mr Rafsputnik Babylon (FOS0009)

54Mr Ray Phillips (FOS0014)

55Mrs Allison Tatton (FOS0038)

56Mrs Alyson Pinske (FOS0035)

57Mrs Androulla Theodorou (FOS0001)

58Mrs Deborah Simpson (FOS0049)

59Mrs Fleur Dawson (FOS0095)

60Mrs Jacqueline Potter (FOS0013)

61Mrs Janette Williams (FOS0018)

62Mrs Jennifer Thistlethwaite (FOS0011)

63Mrs Jennifer Wilkins (FOS0021)

64Mrs Julia McArdle (FOS0075)

65Mrs Julie Turner (FOS0016)

66Mrs Kathleen Tracy Mese (FOS0028)

67Mrs Leigh Strange (FOS0083)

68Mrs Penny Webb (FOS0064)

69Mrs Sarah Naish (FOS0039)

70Mrs Tracy Adams (FOS0002)

71Ms Dianne Mitchell (FOS0010)

72Ms Karen Mardle (FOS0047)

73Ms Pamela Menzies (FOS0029)

74National Association of Independent Reviewing Officers (FOS0091)

75National Deaf Children’s Society (FOS0092)

76National Fostering Agency (FOS0076)

77National Implementation Service (FOS0077)

78Nationwide Association of Fostering Providers (FOS0101)

79Norfolk County Council (FOS0111)

80Norfolk Foster Care Association (FOS0055)

81Ofsted (FOS0054)

82Oldham Council (FOS0074)

83Penny Appeal (FOS0042)

84Public Concern at Work (FOS0090)

85Rev’d Andrew Gale (FOS0006)

86Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (FOS0062)

87Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP (FOS0057)

88Solihull Foster Carers Association (FOS0065)

89Surrey Fostering Executive Commitee (FOS0094)

90Susan and Peter Adams (FOS0070)

91Susan Taylor (FOS0020)

92The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (FOS0072)

93The Fostering Network (FOS0085)

94The Fostering Network (FOS0110)

95The Fostering Network (FOS0114)

96The Fostering Network’s Staying Put working group (FOS0084)

97The SpringBoard Bursary Foundation (FOS0022)

98Together Trust (FOS0080)

99Toni Robinson (FOS0071)

100University of Bedfordshire International Centre: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking (FOS0087)

101Wandsworth Foster Carers’ Association (FOS0034)

21 December 2017