Value for money in higher education Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

VAL numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Anonymous 2 (VAL0014)

2Anonymous 1 (VAL0006)

3Association of Colleges (VAL0056)

4Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (VAL0031)

5Association of School and College Leaders (VAL0050)

6Birkbeck College Parliamentary Studies Group (VAL0046)

7Birkbeck, University of London (VAL0073)

8Bright Blue (VAL0070)

9Brightside (VAL0018)

10British Association of Social Workers (VAL0052)

11Catholic Education Service (VAL0015)

12CBI (VAL0057)

13Central Careers Hub (VAL0004)

14Centre for Global Higher Education (VAL0045)

15Charlie Heywood-Heath (VAL0003)

16Chartered Association of Business Schools (VAL0032)

17Chartered Management Institute (VAL0075)

18CIPD (VAL0025)

19Committee of University Chairs (VAL0071)

20Coventry University (VAL0035)

21Department for Education (VAL0059)

22Destination for Education (VAL0072)

23Dr Graeme Atherton (VAL0012)

24Dr Louise Bunce (VAL0083)

25Dr Mark Baimbridge (VAL0022)

26Dr Mark Loon (VAL0027)

27Dr Peter Knight (VAL0007)

28Dr Steven Jones (VAL0049)

29Edge Hotel School (VAL0084)

30Education Policy Institute (VAL0060)

31EEF - The Manufacturers’ Organisation (VAL0010)

32Engineering Professors’ Council (VAL0017)

33GSM London (VAL0024)

34Guild HE (VAL0047)

35HEFCE (VAL0053)

36Higher Education Commission (VAL0036)

37Jisc (VAL0034)

38John Ogden (VAL0001)

39Joseph Cowell (VAL0079)

40London South Bank University (VAL0048)

41Media Training Ltd (VAL0080)

42Michael Nisbet (VAL0078)

43Middlesex University (VAL0023)

44MillionPlus (VAL0058)

45Mr Samuel Brook (VAL0008)

46Mrs Estelle Clarke (VAL0068)

47National Numeracy (VAL0077)

48National Union of Students (VAL0076)

49Nottingham Trent University (VAL0051)

50Office for Students (VAL0069)

51Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education (VAL0020)

52Professor Ali Eftekhari (VAL0009)

53Professor Geoffrey Alderman (VAL0016)

54Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (VAL0042)

55Royal Historical Society (VAL0026)

56Russell Group (VAL0041)

57Southampton Solent University (VAL0037)

58Sutton Trust (VAL0054)

59The Open University (VAL0019)

60UNISON - the public service union (VAL0021)

61Universities and Colleges Employers Association (VAL0029)

62Universities Scotland (VAL0043)

63Universities UK (VAL0063)

64University Alliance (VAL0061)

65University and College Union (VAL0033)

66University College London (VAL0044)

67University of Bedfordshire (VAL0038)

68University of Cambridge (VAL0065)

69University of Central Lancashire (VAL0039)

70University of Derby (VAL0013)

71University of East Anglia (VAL0028)

72University of Essex (VAL0082)

73University of Hertfordshire (VAL0064)

74University of Nottingham (VAL0011)

75University of Portsmouth (VAL0066)

76University of Sheffield (VAL0055)

77University of Sheffield Students’ Union (VAL0030)

78Which? (VAL0074)

Published: 5 November 2018