Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Life Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

TCS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Airtopia (TCS0043)

2Anglian Water Services (TCS0023)

3Bill Grayson (TCS0068)

4Breast Cancer UK (TCS0018)

5British Coatings Federation (TCS0006)

6British Furniture Confederation (TCS0037)

7British Furniture Confederation (TCS0065)

8British Heart Foundation (TCS0020)

9British Toy And Hobby Association (TCS0059)

10Cancer Prevention & Education Society (TCS0005)

11Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (TCS0025)

12Centre for Fire and Hazard Science, University of Central Lancashire (TCS0033)

13Changing Markets Foundation (TCS0044)

14Chartered Trading Standards Institute (TCS0047)

15CHEM Trust (TCS0012)

16CHEM Trust (TCS0073)

17Chemical Industries Association (TCS0014)

18Colostrum UK (TCS0013)

19Cottonsafe (TCS0056)

20Cottonsafe (TCS0057)

21Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (TCS0040)

22Dr Derrick Crump (TCS0041)

23Dr Kimberley Bennett (TCS0026)

24Dr Olwenn Martin (TCS0030)

25Dr. Marcelo Hirschler (TCS0062)

26European Furniture Industries Confederation (EFIC) (TCS0008)

27Fidra (TCS0019)

28Flame Retardants Europe and Pinfa (TCS0028)

29FRETWORK - the flame retardant textiles network (TCS0052)

30FRETWORK - The Flame Retardant Textiles Network Ltd (TCS0007)

31Furniture Industry Research Association (TCS0067)

32Green Science Policy Institute (TCS0035)

33H & C Whitehead Ltd (TCS0011)

34Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (TCS0053)

35Ikea of Sweden (TCS0072)

36Lanxess Solutions UK Ltd (TCS0054)

37Lanxess Solutions UK Ltd (TCS0064)

38London Fire Brigade (TCS0015)

39Mr Gareth Simkins (TCS0031)

40Mr Mark Dowen (TCS0003)

41Mr Michael Hagen (TCS0058)

42Mr Norman Guiver (TCS0048)

43Mr Terry Edge (TCS0029)

44Mrs Agnieszka Murray (TCS0070)

45National Bed Federation (TCS0071)

46National Fire Chiefs Council (TCS0016)

47Nigel Maguire (TCS0027)

48Petrol Retailers Association & Car Wash Association (TCS0036)

49Philip Mason (TCS0074)

50Professor Michael Depledge (TCS0055)

51Professor Tom Woolley (TCS0001)

52Pure Earth / Global Alliance on Health and Pollution and Blacksmith Initiative UK (TCS0039)

53Richard Horrocks (TCS0010)

54Royal Society of Chemistry (TCS0034)

55RSC Toxicology group (TCS0046)

56School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Nottingham (TCS0038)

57Silentnight Group Limited (TCS0009)

58Steven Hansom (TCS0032)

59Texchem UK LTD (TCS0060)

60Tracey Logan (TCS0045)

61UK Pesticides Campaign (TCS0050)

62UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) (TCS0022)

63Vita Cellular Foam UK Ltd (TCS0021)

64Wildlife & Countryside Link (TCS0024)

Published: 16 July 2019