Scrutiny of the Draft Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill


Terms of reference


1 Introduction

The Environment Bill 2019

Previous inquiries

The pre-legislative scrutiny process

2 Environmental Principles

List of principles

A high level of protection

Aarhus rights

Policy statement on environmental principles

Application of the principles

Exclusions to the application of the principles

Scrutiny of the Policy statement on environmental principles

3 Environmental Improvement Plans

Government reporting


Environmental monitoring - Indicator framework

Cross-Government accountability

Scrutiny of Environmental Improvement Plans by the Office for Environmental Protection

4 The Office for Environmental Protection

Constitution of the Office for Environmental Protection



Other clauses on independence

Scope - Definition of natural environment and environmental law

Climate change law

International law

5 Role and Powers of the Office for Environmental Protection

Scrutiny and advice functions

Monitoring and reporting on environmental law

Advising on changes to environmental law

The OEP’s enforcement functions

Failure of public authorities to comply with environmental law

Investigations of complaints


Alternative enforcement procedures

Co-operation and information

6 Collaboration with Devolved Administrations

UK Government approach



Northern Ireland

Common frameworks

7 Wider concerns on the draft Bill

Withdrawal Agreement


Regulatory alignment

No Deal

Part two of the Bill

Conclusions and recommendations


Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 25 April 2019