Green finance: mobilising investment in clean energy and sustainable development Contents



1 The Investment Challenge

The investment challenge

Meeting the UK’s carbon budgets

Policies to decarbonise electricity

Reduction in clean energy investment

Policy changes

Cost of renewables

Disruption of the GIB sale and fall in EIB funding

2 Policies to secure investment

The Clean Growth Strategy

Evaluating the Strategy

Policy mechanisms to deliver low carbon investment

Reducing risk for renewable energy investors

Carbon pricing

3 Development finance

The Green Investment Bank

Negative impacts of the sale

Disruption of the sale process

International focus of the GIG

Addressing market failures

European Investment Bank funding

The UK’s future relationship with the EIB

Replacing GIB & EIB funding

Development finance at a local level

Utilising Dormant Assets

4 Green Financial Products

Green mortgages

Green bonds

Standards for green bonds

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

Published: 16 May 2018