The Changing Arctic


Terms of reference


1 Changes in the Arctic

Purpose of the inquiry

What is the Arctic?

Environmental change in the Arctic

The decline of Arctic sea ice and land ice

The changing Arctic Ocean

Thawing permafrost and changes to Arctic ecology

Plastic pollution in the Arctic

Impact of changes on local Arctic communities

UK support for Arctic communities

The Arctic’s influence on the UK

Impact on UK weather and climate systems

Impact on UK biodiversity

2 UK Arctic research and funding

The UK’s Arctic research

Arctic natural science research in the UK

Social science and multidisciplinary Arctic research

Impact of leaving the European Union on UK Arctic research

European Polar Board

3 The UK’s relationship with the Arctic

Sovereignty over the Arctic

The Arctic Council


Growing international interest in the Arctic

UK Arctic Policy

Scotland’s Connection with the Arctic

4 Commercialisation of the Arctic

Sustainable development in the Arctic

Supporting sustainable economic development

Shipping in the Arctic

The Polar Code

Environmental issues

Tourism in the Arctic

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 29 November 2018