Regulation of the water industry Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RWI numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A group of UK water sector investors (RWI0027)

2Albion Water Ltd (RWI0026)

3Amwell Magna Fishery (RWI0030)

4Anglian Water Group Ltd. (RWI0015)

5Blueprint for Water (RWI0020)

6Bristol Water (RWI0040)

7Castle Water (RWI0001)

8Committee on Climate Change (RWI0006)

9Consumer Council for Water (RWI0004)

10Country Land & Business Association (CLA) (RWI0007)

11Defra (RWI0018)

12Dr Kate Bayliss (RWI0028)

13Dr Kevin Grecksch (RWI0008)

14Dr Thérèse Coffey (RWI0044)

15Emeritus Professor of Water Economics colin green (RWI0002)

16EnTrade (RWI0029)

17Environment Agency (RWI0005)

18Future Water Association (RWI0041)

19Hannah Freeman (RWI0042)

20Home Builders Federation (RWI0012)

21Imperial College London (RWI0022)

22Indepen (RWI0031)

23Moors for the Furture Partnership (RWI0017)

24National Farmers’ Union (RWI0011)

25Ofwat (RWI0016)

26Ofwat (RWI0043)

27River Chess Association (RWI0013)

28Severn Trent Water Ltd (RWI0010)

29South West Water (RWI0025)

30Southern Water (RWI0036)

31TDS (RWI0014)

32Thames Water Utilities Limited (RWI0038)

33The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (RWI0021)

34United Utilities (RWI0003)

35Univeristy of Sheffield (RWI0009)

36Verastar Limited (RWI0033)

37Water UK (RWI0032)

38Waterwise (RWI0019)

39Wessex Water Services Ltd (RWI0024)

40WWF-UK (RWI0035)

41Yorkshire Water (RWI0037)

Published: 9 October 2018