Plastic food and drink packaging Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PPP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1A Plastic Planet (PPP0025)

2Ahmad, Mr Edward (PPP0076)

3Barkus, Chris (PPP0048)

4Barth, Mrs Julia (PPP0075)


6Benders Paper Cups (PPP0010)

7Biome Technologies plc (PPP0013)


9British Beer & Pub Association (PPP0032)

10British Plastics Federation (PPP0029)

11British Plastics Foundation (PPP0091)

12British Retail Consortium (PPP0042)

13Cadman, Mr Marcus (PPP0055)

14City of London Corporation (PPP0031)

15Clifton, Barney (PPP0066)

16Coca-Cola European Partners GB (PPP0005)

17Critchley, Mr Ian (PPP0059)

18Crossland, Mr Keith (PPP0077)

19Da Gama, Dr Lilly (PPP0028)

20Dairy UK (PPP0020)

21Defra (PPP0006)

22Dewhurst, Mr Richard (PPP0060)

23Dora, Professor Manoj (PPP0068)

24Elliott, Miss Eliza (PPP0071)

25Environmental Investigation Agency (PPP0018)

26Environmental Services Association (PPP0012)

27Estill, Mr Ewen (PPP0080)

28Everett, Mr Shaun (PPP0057)

29Fisher, Miss Melanie (PPP0001)

30Fitzgerald, Miss Karen (PPP0056)

31Food and Drink Federation (PPP0040)

32The Food Standards Agency (PPP0092)

33Futamura UK Ltd (PPP0017)

34Gordon, Mrs Christine (PPP0089)

35Grabowska, Ms Nadja (PPP0058)

36Green Alliance (PPP0009)

37Hackney Council (PPP0033)

38Hampshire County Council (PPP0026)

39Harrogate Spring Water (PPP0047)

40Jones, Miss Courtney (PPP0081)

41Just Eat (PPP0024)

42Keep Britain Tidy (PPP0022)

43Kinneir-Chai, Stella (PPP0062)

44Kulkarni Frary, Ms Kavita (PPP0044)

45Langford, Deborah (PPP0085)

46Lee, Miriam (PPP0061)

47Lovelock, Owen (PPP0072)

48Mahon, Holly (PPP0082)

49Martin, Mr Daniel (PPP0067)

50McGrath, Euan (PPP0054)

51Morrisons (PPP0088)

52Multivac UK Ltd (PPP0004)

53Nakayama Kunitaka (PPP0093)

54Paper Cup Alliance (PPP0035)

55Parkside Flexibles (PPP0003)

56Perry, Dennis (PPP0069)

57Plenderleith, Bex (PPP0049)

58Policy Connect (PPP0041)

59Potato Processors’ Association Ltd (PPP0037)

60Purves, Dr Ross (PPP0052)

61Pybus, Mr David (PPP0002)

62Reynolds, Dr Christian (PPP0030)

63Royal Society of Chemistry (PPP0015)

64Sainsbury's (PPP0045)

65Skipping Rocks Lab (PPP0090)

66Starbucks (PPP0046)

67Stevens, Mr John (PPP0070)

68TerraCycle (PPP0034)

69Tuckwood, Alan (PPP0084)

70UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) (PPP0016)

71University of Nottingham (PPP0021)

72The University of Sheffield, Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures (PPP0011)

73Unpackaged Innovation Ltd (PPP0038)

74Vegware (PPP0014)

75Venton, Steve (PPP0050)

76Veolia (PPP0039)

77Vidal, Mr Michael (PPP0043)

78Webster, Kirsten (PPP0063)

79Wildlife and Countryside Link (PPP0023)

80Worton, Mrs Filippa (PPP0051)

81WRAP (PPP0079)

82WRAP (the Waste & Resources Action Programme) (PPP0027)

83Wright, Martin (PPP0064)

84Young, Mr Alan (PPP0078)

Published: 12 September 2019