The future for food, farming and the environment Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HAH numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Agricultural Biotechnology Council (HAH0028)

2Agricultural Christian Fellowship (HAH0046)

3Anglian Water Services (HAH0016)

4Arla Foods UK (HAH0045)

5Asplins PO Ltd (HAH0023)

6British Association for Shooting and Conservation (HAH0010)

7British Ecological Society (HAH0032)

8British Poultry Council (HAH0008)

9British Veterinary Association (HAH0007)

10Cardiff School of Law and Politics (HAH0014)

11Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (HAH0009)

12Compassion in World Farming (HAH0003)

13Compassion in World Farming (HAH0029)

14Country Land and Business Association (HAH0042)

15Crop Protection Association (HAH0006)

16Cycling UK (HAH0013)

17Dairy UK (HAH0024)

18Ernest Cook Trust (HAH0041)

19First Steps Nutrition Trust (HAH0039)

20Food Foundation (HAH0018)

21Friends of the Earth England Wales and Northern Ireland (HAH0027)

22Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (HAH0011)

23Guildford Business Forum Rural Group (HAH0033)

24Institution of Environmental Sciences (HAH0025)

25Mr Andrew Mycock (HAH0034)

26Mr John Dumont (HAH0001)

27National Pig Association (HAH0021)

28National Sheep Association (HAH0030)

29NFU (HAH0022)

30Provision Trade Federation (HAH0043)

31RSPCA (HAH0002)

32Soil Association (HAH0019)

33Sport and Recreation Alliance (HAH0031)

34Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming (HAH0004)

35The Campaign to Protect Rural England (HAH0026)

36The National Trust (HAH0005)

37UK Pesticides Campaign (HAH0038)

38Which? (HAH0020)

39Wildlife and Countryside Link (HAH0012)

40Woodland Trust (HAH0015)

Published: 6 June 2018