Documents considered by the Committee on 13 November 2017 Contents


Meeting Summary

Documents for debate

1 HO Enhancing law enforcement cooperation and border control: strengthening the Schengen Information System

Documents not cleared

2 BEIS Insolvency, Restructuring and Second Chances for Business and Entrepreneurs

3 BEIS Services package: proportionality test for professions

4 BEIS European Services e-card

5 BEIS Compliance package: Single Market Information Tool (SMIT)

6 BEIS Compliance package: Action plan on the reinforcement of SOLVIT

7 BEIS Compliance package: Single digital gateway

8 BEIS Coordination of insolvency proceedings in the EU

9 BEIS European standardisation work programme

10 DMCS Digital Single Market: Audiovisual Media Services Directive

11 DMCS Digital Single Market: European Electronic Communications Code

12 DCMS Data Protection and the EU institutions

13 DEFRA International Vine and Wine Organisation

Annex: Draft OIV Resolutions

14 DfT Regulation safeguarding competition in air transport

15 DWP Coordination of social security systems

16 FCO Stability and Peace Instrument

17 FCO Strategic Agreements with Australia and New Zealand

18 FCO Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement with Armenia

19 HMT Financial services regulatory framework: resolution and recovery and capital requirements

20 HMT EU finances: draft budget for 2018 and future of the EU budget

21 HMT Tax avoidance and evasion: disclosure by intermediaries

22 HO Exchanging information on criminal convictions

23 HO Establishing a European Travel Information and Authorisation System

24 HO Proceeds of crime: mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders

25 HO Developing interoperable EU information systems to enhance border management and security

26 HO Managing EU migration and security databases

27 HO Combating payment fraud

28 HO EU-Canada Agreement on Passenger Name Record Data

29 HSE Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (Phase I and Phase II)

30 MOD European Defence Fund

31 MOJ EU Charter of Fundamental Rights

Documents cleared

32 BEIS Cooperation on enforcement of consumer protection law

33 BEIS Digital Single Market: E-commerce package

34 DEFRA EU Legislation on Waste

35 DEFRA Fisheries: catch quotas and effort limitation for

36 DEFRA International Whaling Commission

37 DExEU Improving the electronic publication of the Official Journal of the EU

38 DfID European Fund for Sustainable Development

39 DfT Mobility Package—an overview

40 DIT Opening of negotiations for free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand

41 HMT European Semester

42 HMT EU economic governance: the 2017 European Semester

43 HO The European Police College: the Government’s post-adoption opt-in decision

44 HO Europol: the Government’s opt-in decision

45 HO Machine-readable travel documents for refugees and stateless persons

46 MOJ Multiannual Framework for the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency 2018–

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

47 List of documents

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

20 November 2017