Forty-fourth Report of Session 2017–19 Contents



Meeting Summary

Documents not cleared

1 BEIS Online platforms

2 BEIS Joint Undertaking for ITER (Fusion for Energy)

3 DCMS Import of cultural goods

4 DfT Third mobility package: Digital environment for information exchange

5 DfT Commission Brexit preparedness proposal: Vehicle type approvals

6 DfT Directive on the minimum level of training of seafarers (amending and repealing)

7 DfE UK participation in Erasmus post-2020

8 HO Fingerprinting of asylum applicants and irregular migrants: the Eurodac system

9 HO Interoperable EU information systems for security, border control and migration management

10 HO Tightening EU rules on explosives precursors

11 HO Future EU funding for security: the Internal Security Fund

12 HO Stronger EU rules on the return of illegal migrants

Documents cleared

13 BEIS Mutual recognition of goods

14 BEIS Nuclear decommissioning assistance

15 DCMS EU rules on personal data and elections

16 DEFRA Environmental policy reporting obligations

17 DEFRA EU Programme for the Environment and Climate Action

18 DEFRA International agreement on geographical indications

19 DEFRA EU-Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement

20 DIT Apportionment of the EU’s concessions on Tariff Rate Quotas in view of UK withdrawal from the EU

21 DIT Modernisation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO)

22 HO EU approval of the Global Compact on Migration

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

Published: 20 November 2018