Documents considered by the Committee on 6 June 2018 Contents


Meeting Summary

Documents not cleared

1 BEIS Posting of Workers Directive

2 BEIS Copyright in the Digital Single Market

3 BEIS Energy Efficiency Directive

4 BEIS EU Renewable Energy Directive

5 BEIS Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

6 BEIS Energy Union Governance

7 DCMS ENISA / EU Cybersecurity Agency

8 DfT Mobility Package: market pillar

9 DfT Mobility Package: Social Pillar

10 CO/FCO/DfT Mobility Package: road use charges

11 DfT Safeguarding competition in air transport

12 DIT Possible EU countermeasures to US tariffs on steel and aluminium

13 HMT SEPA: cost of cross-border money transfers HMTSEPA: cost of cross-border money transfers

14 HO Equal Treatment

15 HO International measures on safety and security at football matches

Documents cleared

16 DEFRA Adoption of detailed EU fishing rules

17 DfE European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)

18 DfE Mobility Package: emissions and fuel consumption of heavy duty vehicles

19 DIT Safeguard clauses in EU trade agreements

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

Published: 12 June 2018