Documents considered by the Committee on 12 September 2018 Contents


Meeting Summary

Documents for debate

1 DCMS DIT Trade deals and data flows between the EU and third countries

Documents not cleared

2 BEIS Insolvency, Restructuring and Second Chances for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

3 BEIS Common Rules for EU Internal Gas Market

4 BEIS European Instrument for Nuclear Safety

5 CO The EU Civil Protection Mechanism: strengthening EU disaster management

6 EFRA Fisheries Conservation: Technical Measures

7 EFRA Fisheries Control

8 EFRA Future of the Common Agricultural Policy

9 DfID European Peace Facility

10 DfT Second mobility package: emissions performance standards

11 DfT Aviation security

12 DfT Port reception facilities for waste from ships

13 DfT Commission Brexit preparedness proposal: Vehicle type approvals

14 DfT Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2008/106/EC on the minimum level of training of seafarers and repealing Directive 2005/45/EC

15 DIT Screening of foreign direct investment

16 FCO Neighbourhood, Development & International Cooperation Instrument 2021–

17 HMRC Cooperation between EU countries on taxation: Fiscalis 2021–

18 HMT Long-term EU budget 2021–

19 HMT InvestEU Programme 2021–

20 HO Exchanging information on criminal convictions

21 HO Fingerprinting of asylum applicants and irregular migrants: the Eurodac system

22 HO Interoperable EU information systems for security, border control and migration management

23 HO Upgrading the EU Visa Information System

24 HO Establishing a European network of immigration liaison officers

25 HO The EU Emergency Travel Document

26 MOD European Defence Fund 2021–

Documents cleared

27 BEIS High Performance Computing

28 DCMS Free flow of non-personal data

29 DCMS The “.eu” internet Top-Level Domain

30 DCMS Data Protection and the EU institutions

31 DCMS Personal data and the Council of Europe Convention

32 DfT UNECE Vehicle type approvals

33 FCO Amendment of the EU-Morocco Association Agreement

34 HO International measures on safety and security at football matches

Documents not raising questions of sufficient legal or political importance to warrant a substantive report to the House

Formal Minutes

Standing Order and membership

Published: 18 September 2018