European Union (Withdrawal) Bill Contents


Standing orders



1 Transposition of EU law into domestic law

1.1 Converting EU laws

1.2 Retained EU law after withdrawal

1.3 Charter of Fundamental Rights

1.4 Clause 7 power to correct deficiencies

1.5 Clause 7 power to transfer functions to UK bodies

2 Devolution

2.1 The aims of the Bill

2.2 Legislative consent

2.3 Common frameworks

2.4 Mechanism for releasing powers to devolved administrations

2.5 Preserving devolved interests in international trade deals

2.6 Consultation processes

3 Implementing the withdrawal agreement

3.1 Clause 9 power to implement the withdrawal agreement

3.2 Citizens’ rights

3.3 Dispute resolution

3.4 Exit day

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

17 November 2017