The future of UK diplomacy in Europe Contents



1 Introduction

2 The UK and EU foreign, defence and security policy and Brexit


The advantages and disadvantages of the CFSP and the CSDP

The importance of being “in the room”

Options for an institutionalised format for post-Brexit co-operation

Options for an informal format for post-Brexit co-operation

The Government’s position on participating in the CFSP/CSDP after Brexit

EU defence integration and the European Defence Fund

3 The UK’s future bilateral relationships with the EU


The FCO’s role in Europe after Brexit

The FCO’s resources in Europe

The UK’s Mission to the EU

4 UK-Ireland Relations and Brexit


Positive momentum: UK-Ireland relations since

The consequences of Brexit for UK-Ireland relations

UK-Ireland relations after Brexit

The FCO and UK-Ireland Relations

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal Minutes


Published written evidence

List of reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

29 January 2018