Domestic Abuse Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DVA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Action for Children (DVA0105)

2Agenda (DVA0010)

3Alcohol Monitoring Systems Ltd (DVA0045)

4Alliance for Choice (DVA0094)

5Amnesty International (DVA0134)

6Amnesty International UK (DVA0090)

7Anne Greig (DVA0112)

8Anonymous (DVA0015)

9Anonymous (DVA0017)

10Anonymous (DVA0020)

11Anonymous (DVA0021)

12Anonymous (DVA0023)

13Anonymous (DVA0026)

14Anonymous (DVA0027)

15Anonymous (DVA0035)

16Anonymous (DVA0048)

17Anonymous (DVA0053)

18Anonymous (DVA0055)

19Anonymous (DVA0066)

20Anonymous (DVA0085)

21Anonymous (DVA0091)

22Anonymous (DVA0092)

23Anonymous (DVA0096)

24Anonymous (DVA0099)

25Anonymous (DVA0104)

26Anonymous (DVA0110)

27Anonymous (DVA0111)

28Anonymous (DVA0117)

29Anonymous (DVA0118)

30Anonymous (DVA0121)

31Anonymous (DVA0122)

32Anonymous (DVA0124)

33Anonymous (DVA0128)

34Anonymous (DVA0133)

35Anonymous (DVA0140)

36Association of Directors of Public Health (DVA0062)

37Axon Public Safety UK (DVA0059)

38Barnardo’s (DVA0115)

39British Association of Social Workers (DVA0067)

40British Pregnancy Advisory Service (DVA0084)

41British Transport Police (DVA0002)

42Cafcass (DVA0030)

43Cambridge City Council (DVA0089)

44Centre for Gender and Violence Research, University of Bristol (DVA0042)

45Christine McKnight (DVA0069)

46Clinks (DVA0032)

47College of Policing (DVA0141)

48Crown Prosecution Service (DVA0080)

49Dr Charlotte Barlow, Dr Kelly Johnson and Professor Sandra Walklate (DVA0037)

50Dr Elizabeth Bates (DVA0041)

51Dr Robert Dover (DVA0052)

52Dr Rodger Patrick (DVA0029)

53Emlyn Jones (DVA0127)

54End Violence Against Women Coalition (DVA0040)

55Equality and Human Rights Commission (DVA0079)

56Families Need Fathers (DVA0130)

57Family Planning Association and Amnesty International (DVA0114)

58Fawcett Society (DVA0064)

59FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru (DVA0129)

60Galop, LGBT+ Anti Violence Charity (DVA0068)

61Gender and Internet of Things Research Team (DVA0139)

62Hestia - UK SAYS NO MORE (DVA0125)

63Home Office, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (DVA0107)

64Imkaan & London Black Women’s Project (DVA0065)

65Kayliegh Richardson and Claire Bessant (DVA0006)

66Latin American Women’s Rights Service (DVA0097)

67Laura Richards, Founder of Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service (DVA0076)

68Liberty (DVA0039)

69Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales (DVA0024)

70Lloyds Banking Group (DVA0081)

71Local Government Association (DVA0132)

72London Assembly (DVA0135)

73London Councils (DVA0119)

74Magistrates Association (DVA0038)

75Marisa Dunn (DVA0126)

76Miss Geraldine Lafferty (DVA0028)

77Ms Jan Rooney (DVA0014)

78National Housing and DVA Policy and Practice Group (DVA0108)

79National Police Chiefs’ Council (DVA0113)

80Nordic Model Now! (DVA0078)

81Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside (DVA0082)

82Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (DVA0061)

83Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service (DVA0138)

84Professor Catherine Donovan (DVA0060)

85Professor Jackie Jones (DVA0013)

86Professor Jane Callaghan (DVA0131)

87Professor Shazia Choudhry (DVA0101)

88Public Services People Managers Association (DVA0063)

89Rape Crisis England and Wales (DVA0103)

90Refuge (DVA0073)

91Refugee Council and Asylum Support Appeals Project (DVA0036)

92Respect (DVA0095)

93Rights of Women (DVA0087)

94Rochdale Connections Trust (DVA0025)

95SafeLives (DVA0083)

96Sisters For Change (DVA0098)

97Southall Black Sisters (DVA0005)

98Southall Black Sisters (DVA0123)

99Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board and Stoke-on-Trent Safeguarding Children Board (DVA0057)

100Standing Committee for Youth Justice (DVA0071)

101Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (DVA0072)

102Surviving Economic Abuse (DVA0050)

103Surviving Economic Abuse (DVA0136)

104Suzy Lamplugh Trust (DVA0137)

105The Institute of Alcohol Studies (DVA0022)

106The Local Government Association (DVA0011)

107The London Borough of Hackney (DVA0008)

108The ManKind Initiative (DVA0046)

109the nia project (DVA0033)

110Transform Justice (DVA0047)

111Trent Chambers (DVA0109)

112UK Finance (DVA0001)

113Victim Support (DVA0058)

114Welsh Women’s Aid (DVA0070)

115Women Against Rape/Black Women’s Rape Action Project (DVA0100)

116Women on Web (DVA0003)

117Women’s Aid Federation of England (DVA0056)

Published: 22 October 2018