Immigration policy: basis for building consensus Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IBC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ASSIST Sheffield and South Yorkshire Refugee Law and Justice (IBC0003)

2Asylum Matters (IBC0012)

3Bail for Immigration Detainees (IBC0002)

4BIFM (IBC0018)

5Bright Blue (IBC0016)

6Cavendish Coalition (IBC0014)

7Children’s Brexit Coalition (IBC0009)

8CIPD (IBC0010)

9Council for Global Immigration (IBC0007)

10Destination for Education (IBC0013)

11Detention Action (IBC0008)

12Detention Action / Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre (IBC 0026)

13Detention Action / Scottish Detainee Visitors (IBC 0025)

14EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation (IBC0021)

15Emilio Marcos Sierra (IBC0023)

16Freedom from Torture (IBC0015)

17Guglielmo Meardi (IBC0006)

18Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (IBC0011)

19IPPR (IBC0022)

20Medical Justice (IBC0019)

21Mrs Jean Lambert (IBC0005)

22NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Services Companies) (IBC0004)

23Pact (IBC0017)

24Professor Thom Brooks (IBC0024)

25the3million (IBC0020)

26Universities UK (IBC0001)

The following evidence was received by the previous Home Affairs Committee before the general election in 2017. It can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

IMM numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

27#WeAreInternational (IMM0153)

2838 Degrees (IMM0174)

29Airport Operators Association (IMM0005)

30Alice Driver (IMM0088)

31Amnesty International UK (IMM0172)

32Andrea Chlebikova (IMM0104)

33Angela Stoddart (IMM0109)

34Ann Richards (IMM0020)

35ARM (IMM0183)

36Ashliegh Yasar (IMM0124)

37Association of American Study Abroad Programmes United Kingdom (IMM0026)

38Association of Colleges (IMM0086)

39Bail for Immigration Detainees (IMM0110)

40Bail Observation Project (IMM0122)

41Barbara Mark (IMM0111)

42Basit Hameed (IMM0031)

43Bedford Borough Council supplementary (IMM0190)

44Brexit Alliance (IMM0147)

45Brighton Migrant Solidarity (IMM0175)

46British Community Committee of France (IMM0083)

47British Hospitality Association (IMM0158)

48British Medical Association (IMM0058)

49Bupa UK (IMM0163)

50Campaign for Science and Engineering (IMM0130)

51Cancer Research UK (IMM0072)

52Cecilia Kokubu (IMM0074)

53Centre for Economic Performance (IMM0121)

54Citizens UK (IMM0100)

55City of London Corporation (IMM0177)

56CLA (IMM0069)

57Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (IMM0157)

58Coram Children’s Legal Centre (IMM0108)

59Cornwall Council (IMM0186)

60Crystal Dickinson (IMM0032)

61D Joshi (IMM0061)

62Daniel Abson (IMM0180)

63David Bell (IMM0107)

64David Goodhart, Head of the Demography Unit at Policy Exchange think tank (IMM0167)

65Detention Action (IMM0084)

66Donald Stickland (IMM0125)

67Dr Bernie Doeser (IMM0097)

68Dr Heather Forland (IMM0040)

69Dr Peter Christie (IMM0018)

70Dr Robert Primhak (IMM0077)

71Dr Stewart Bailey (IMM0126)

72Dr Tom Vickers and Dr John Clayton (IMM0095)

73Ed Sexton (IMM0014)

74English UK (IMM0080)

75Eversheds LLP (IMM0141)

76Felipe Molina (IMM0060)

77Fiona MacGregor (IMM0029)

78Fragomen LLP (IMM0136)

79G5 Group (IMM0099)

80GARAS (IMM0048)

81Gary F S Knight (IMM0112)

82Ged Byrne (IMM0140)

83Genome Research Ltd (IMM0151)

84Giles Waley (IMM0050)

85Greg Fletcher (IMM0004)

86G’s Fresh (IMM0090)

87GuildHE (IMM0041)

88Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (IMM0076)

89Immigration Marriage Fraud UK (IMM0059)

90Independent Higher Education (IMM0133)

91Independent Schools Council (IMM0091)

92IPPR (IMM0085)

93Jane Akshar (IMM0015)

94John Cherry (IMM0044)

95John Dunning (IMM0113)

96Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (IMM0103)

97Jonathan Andrews (IMM0102)

98King’s College London (IMM0120)

99Kingfisher plc (IMM0189)

100Lane Ward Labour Party branch - Camberwell and Peckham constituency (IMM0016)

101Liberty (IMM0139)

102Lichfield Hope Support Group (IMM0049)

103Liverpool Asylum seeker and Refugee Association (IMM0123)

104London Borough of Newham (IMM0057)

105London Business School (IMM0142)

106London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IMM0176)

107London First (IMM0161)

108Manchester Migrant Solidarity (IMM0046)

109Mark Rowntree (IMM0114)

110Martin Price (IMM0181)

111Melanie Fraser (IMM0017)

112Michael Cooper (IMM0191)

113Middlesex University (IMM0047)

114Migrants’ Rights Network (IMM0096)

115Migration Watch UK (IMM0021)

116MillionPlus (IMM0003)

117Miss Ana Milusheva (IMM0045)

118Miss Daniah Ceylan (IMM0066)

119Mr and Mrs James Baker (IMM0053)

120Mr Antonio Rocha-Ferreira (IMM0012)

121Mr Axel Antoni (IMM0001)

122Mr Chris Fite-Wassilak (IMM0034)

123Mr David Sellers (IMM0138)

124Mr Duncan Bain (IMM0008)

125Mr Martin Turner (IMM0039)

126Mr Martyn Swain (IMM0184)

127Mr Mathew Botwood (IMM0064)

128Mr Paul McMillan (IMM0002)

129Mr Peter Gwilliam (IMM0030)

130Mr Richard Hughes (IMM0165)

131Mr Richard Raggett (IMM0056)

132Mr Tom Trevatt (IMM0037)

133Mrs Emily Cheru (IMM0043)

134Mrs Maria Nicol (IMM0065)

135Ms Carolyn Burch (IMM0042)

136Ms Fran Mosley (IMM0038)

137Ms Gillian Kelly (IMM0062)

138Ms Monica Collingham (IMM0063)

139Ms Sigrid Holmwood (IMM0067)

140Naomi Adelson (IMM0024)

141Naomi Bowen (IMM0036)

142New Economics Foundation (IMM0156)

143Nick Moore (IMM0087)

144Nina Berry (IMM0178)

145Northern Ireland Strategic Migration Partnership (IMM0193)

146Oxfam GB (IMM0127)

147Paul Knights (IMM0033)

148Peter Kellard (IMM0129)

149PhD students at the University of Bristol (IMM0171)

150Philip Wilson (IMM0137)

151Professor David Leys (IMM0079)

152Professor Eric Kaufmann (IMM0170)

153Professor Jonathan Portes (IMM0013)

154Professor Thom Brooks (IMM0101)

155Purley Society of Friends (IMM0188)

156Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network (QARN) (IMM0070)

157Refugee Action (IMM0152)

158Regional Asylum Activism Project (IMM0055)

159Renee Groeninx van Zoelen (IMM0009)

160Research Councils UK (RCUK) (IMM0160)

161Richard Annandale (IMM0179)

162Royal Academy of Engineering (IMM0148)

163Royal College of Nursing (IMM0185)

164Royal Commonwealth Society (IMM0051)

165Sannam S4 (IMM0081)

166Sarah Lee (IMM0010)

167Scottish Council of Independent Schools (IMM0128)

168Scottish Government (IMM0115)

169Scottish Government supplementary (IMM0192)

170Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Colleges and Universities (IMM0116)

171Solid State Logic (IMM0025)

172Sue Shaw (IMM0117)

173The Children’s Society (IMM0143)

174The Law Society of England and Wales’ Immigration Law Committee (IMM0168)

175The London School of Economics and Political Science (IMM0159)

176The Royal Society (IMM0131)

177The Russell Group (IMM0155)

178Tim Fox (IMM0098)

179Trades Union Congress (IMM0134)

180Trish Dickinson (IMM0118)

181UK Council for International Student Affairs (IMM0078)

182UK Interactive Entertainment (IMM0162)

183UK National Academies (IMM0135)

184UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (IMM0089)

185UNHCR (IMM0145)

186United for Change (IMM0119)

187Universities and Colleges Employers Association (IMM0082)

188Universities UK (IMM0052)

189University of Cambridge (IMM0075)

190University of East London and Northumbria University (IMM0094)

191University of Edinburgh (IMM0093)

192University of Oxford (IMM0146)

193University of Portsmouth (IMM0092)

194University of Sheffield (IMM0154)

195University of Strathclyde (IMM0144)

196University of Sussex (IMM0149)

197University of Warwick (IMM0071)

198University of Worcester (IMM0068)

199Westminster City Council (IMM0150)

200William Woodcock (IMM0105)

201Women for Refugee Women (IMM0166)

202Young Roots (IMM0132)

203Zari Restaurant (IMM0182)

12 January 2018