Policing for the future Contents


Glossary of acronyms


1 Introduction

Background to this inquiry

Report structure

Police officer welfare

2 Changing trends in crime and policing


Crime rates

Detection and charging rates

Police funding

Neighbourhood policing

The value and effectiveness of neighbourhood policing

Multi-agency partnerships

Impact of police funding reductions

Deployment to other policing teams

3 Online fraud


Prevalence and trends

Action Fraud

The police response to fraud

Criticism of the police response

The Joint Fraud Taskforce

The role of industry

4 Child sexual abuse


Prevalence and trends

The prevalence and impact of online CSA

The police response to online CSA

Skills and training

Disclosure and digital evidence

Attrition through the law enforcement response


The online space

5 Safeguarding vulnerable people


Estimating ‘non-crime’ demand on policing

Mental health work

Detention of vulnerable individuals

Police mental health training

Joint working with NHS mental health services

Missing people

Missing children and child protection work

6 Police funding

Current levels of funding

The police funding formula

Comments by Government Ministers

7 Police technology


Cyber and digital skills

Technology and data-sharing between forces

8 Police workforce and culture


The College of Policing


New recruitment and training routes

Mandatory training

Recruitment and retention problems

Chief Constable recruitment

Police culture

Our roundtable event

9 The role of the Home Office and allocation of responsibilities


The role of the Home Office

The 43-force structure

The Government’s response

Annex: Police force data return


Neighbourhood policing

Command and Control calls

Force abbreviations

Other findings and limitations

Indecent Images of Children

Command and Control Calls

Mental Health Training

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 25 October 2018