Policy options for future migration from the European Economic Area: Interim report Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

INQ numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Advertising Association (PBM0024)

2Association of Dental Groups (PBM0006)

3Association of Professional Staffing Companies (Global) Ltd (PBM0013)

4Association of Professional Staffing Companies (Global) Ltd (PBM0014)

5Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry and UK BioIndustry Association (PBM0017)

6British Beer & Pub Association (PBM0005)

7British Dietetic Association (PBM0027)

8British Horseracing Authority (PBM0033)

9British Veterinary Association (PBM0021)

10Campaign for Science and Engineering (PBM0004)

11Cavendish Coalition (PBM0026)

12Downs Solicitors (PBM0039)

13Engineers Professors’ Council (PBM0016)

14English UK (PBM0011)

15Focus on Labour Exploitation (PBM0032)

16Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (PBM0012)

17Institute of Directors (PBM0031)

18Law Society of Scotland (PBM0025)

19London First (PBM0038)

20Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford (PBM0009)

21Migration Watch UK (PBM0007)

22Mr Thomas Shelton (PBM0003)

23New Zealand High Commission (PBM0037)

24Professor Jonathan Portes (PBM0002)

25Professor Sir David Metcalfe CBE (PBM0036)

26Reunite Families UK (PBM0010)

27Royal College of Nursing (PBM0019)

28Scottish Government (PBM0008)

29techUK (PBM0023)

30Textile Services Association (PBM0022)

31The British Takeaway Campaign (PBM0020)

32The Law Society (PBM0034)

33The Publishers Association (PBM0029)

34The Russell Group (PBM0015)

35UKHospitality (PBM0018)

36Universities Scotland (PBM0028)

37University and College Union (PBM0035)

38University of Sheffield (PBM0030)

Published: 31 July 2018