Sexual health Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SLH numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1The Advisory Group on Contraception (AGC) (SLH0043)

2All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women’s Health (SLH0033)

3APPG on Sexual and Reproductive Care (SLH0041)

4Association of Directors of Public Health (SLH0047)

5BASHH Sexual dysfunction special interest group (SLH0016)

6BASHH Sexual Dysfunction Special Interest group (SLH0018)

7Bayer Plc (SLH0025)

8BD (SLH0085)

9Bennett, Dr Amy (SLH0073)

10British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) (SLH0094)

11British Association for Sexual Health and HIV / British HIV Association (SLH0042)

12British Medical Association (SLH0005)

13British Pregnancy Advisory Service (SLH0036)

14Brixham College, pupils at (SLH0097)

15Brook (SLH0032)

16Camberwell Sexual Health Centre, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (SLH0035)

17Cash, Mr Patrick (SLH0006)

18Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (SLH0060)

19Derbyshire County Council (SLH0020)

20DHSC (SLH0044)

21Dr Peter J White and Ms Lilith K Whittles (SLH0057)

22Eccleston, Dr Kathryn (SLH0088)

23The Eddystone Trust (SLH0081)

24Evans, Professor David (SLH0059)

25Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) (SLH0027)

26Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH) (SLH0091)

27Fash, Mr Stephen (SLH0070)

28Gilead Sciences (SLH0012)

29Grundy-Bowers, Dr Matthew (SLH0030)

30Health Protection Research Unit in Blood Borne and Sexually Transmitted Infections – ‘Understanding Risk & Risk Reduction in STIs’ theme (SLH0026)

31Healthwatch Suffolk (SLH0086)

32The Hepatitis C Trust (SLH0001)

33Herpes Viruses Association (SLH0065)

34Hildebrandt, Dr Timothy (SLH0093)

35Homerton Sexual Health Services (SLH0083)

36Hore, Mr Mike (SLH0074)

37Imperial College Heathcare NHS Trust (SLH0076

38Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust (SLH0015)

39Keane, Dr Frances (SLH0004)

40The King’s Fund (SLH0082)

41Kunelaki, Remziye Kunelaki Remziye (SLH0014)

42Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham local authority public health departments (SLH0045)

43Local Government Association (SLH0050)

44London Councils (SLH0049)

45London Sexual Health Providers Group (SLH0058)

46majewska, Ms wendy (SLH0069)

47Mermaids (SLH0066)

48METRO Charity (SLH0068)

49NAT (National AIDS Trust) (SLH0055)

50Natsal (SLH0084)

51Naz Project London (SLH0090)

52Orr-Ewing, Mr Jonathan (SLH0019)

53Palmer, Dr Bret (SLH0089)

54Pao, Dr David (SLH0095)

55Passfield, Mr Mike (SLH0008)

56Pegus, Miss Camille (SLH0031)

57Phillips, Dr Matthew (SLH0077)

58Plymouth City Council (SLH0023)

59Positive East (SLH0009)

60Public Health England (SLH0087)

61Public Health, CMBC (SLH0053)

62Royal College of General Practitioners (SLH0075)

63The Royal College of Midwives (SLH0039)

64Royal College of Nursing (SLH0078)

65Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (SLH0062)

66Royal College of Physicians (SLH0024)

67Sawyer, Liz (SLH0096)

68Sawyer, Ms Liz (SLH0011)

69Sex Education Forum (SLH0071)

70Sexual Health Improvement Programme (Bristol Health Partners Health Integration Team) (SLH0034)

71SH:24 Community Interest Company (SLH0013)

72SHRINE SHRINE (Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Inclusion and Empowerment) (SLH0021)

73Somerset County Council (SLH0040)

74South Gloucestershire Council (SLH0054)

75Specialist Advisory Committee for Genitourinary Medicine, Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (SLH0029)

76Staffordshire County Council (SLH0080)

77Stonewall (SLH0056)

78Stuart, Mr David (SLH0007)

79Studholme (SLH0002)

80Terrence Higgins Trust (SLH0048)

81Terrence Higgins Trust (SLH0092)

82Time for Action – UK Families Affected by HPV Vaccinations (SLH0028)

83UCL (SLH0037)

84University Hospital Plymouth NHS Trust (SLH0063)

85University Hospitals Birmingham - Umbrella Sexual Health Service (SLH0017)

86University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (SLH0038)

87Vaughan, Dr Alison (SLH0079)

88Wandsworth Sexual Health Action Group (WSHAG) (SLH0064)

89Wigan Council (SLH0022)

90Wilson, Dr Janet (SLH0067)

Published: 2 June 2019