Integrated care: organisations, partnerships and systems Contents



1 Integrating care for patients

Need to define outcomes for patients

Our inquiry


Focus of the inquiry

Visit to South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw

Oral evidence sessions

Legal challenges

Section 1: Background on integrated care reforms

2 Progress towards more integrated care

Complexities of integrating health and social care

Integration, patient choice and competition

Conclusions and recommendations

3 NHS Five Year Forward View

Section 2: Changes to local planning and delivery of care

4 Sustainability and transformation partnerships and integrated caresystems systems

Development and status of sustainability and transformation plans

Development of sustainability and transformation plans

Current status

Conclusions and recommendations

Status of STP boundaries

Conclusions and recommendations

Status of Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships

Role of sustainability and transformation partnerships

Assessing the progress of sustainability and transformation partnerships

Conclusions and recommendations

Integrated care systems

Conclusions and recommendations

5 Integrated care partnerships and accountable care organisations


New models of care

Integrated care partnerships

Accountable care organisations

Current status of proposals to introduce ACOs in the English NHS

Arguments for and against ACOs

Benefits of a single organisation and aligned financial incentives

Strengthening primary care and community services

Conclusions and recommendations

Concerns about ACOs


Staff terms and conditions

Conclusions and recommendations

6 Concerns about the direction of travel

Top-down reorganisation of the NHS without public consultation and parliamentary scrutiny

Inadequate response to system pressures

Smokescreen for cuts


Paying for healthcare

Conclusions and recommendations

Integrated care: positive examples of progress across the NHS in England

Section 3: The case for change

7 Making the case for change

Narrative for change

Communicating the case for change to patients and the public

Conclusions and recommendations

Section 4: Barriers to change

8 Funding and workforce pressures


Financial problems

Capital funding

Sustainability and Transformation Fund

Funding transformation

Workforce challenges

Workforce shortfalls

Workforce engagement

Conclusions and recommendations

9 Oversight and regulation by national bodies

Incoherent approach by national bodies

Focus on individual organisations rather than placed-based care

Support directed at those furthest ahead

Role in accelerating improvement and new care models across the system.

Conclusions and recommendations

10 Governance and legislation

Governance and accountability arrangements


Views on legislative reform

Conclusions and recommendations

11 Conclusion: A call to action

Integrated care: glossary of terms

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex: Visit to South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw STP

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 11 June 2018