Integrated care: organisations, partnerships and systems Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

STP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADASS (STP0024)

2Age UK (STP0084)

3Allied Health Professions Federation (STP0061)

4All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity (STP0062)

5All-Party Pharmacy Group (STP0123)

6Alzheimer’s Society (STP0076)

7Association of Directors of Public Health (STP0014)

8Assura (STP0056)

9Bliss (STP0011)

10British Medical Association (BMA) (STP0063)

11British Red Cross (STP0081)

12Cancer Research UK (STP0065)

13Care Provider Alliance (STP0032)

14Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (STP0075)

15CIPFA (STP0023)

16Cllr Martin Shaw (STP0085)

17Councillor Mike Allen (STP0006)

18Department of Health and Social Care (STP0117)

19Devon STP (STP0044)

20Diabetes UK (STP0013)

21Doctors for the NHS (STP0092)

22Doctors for the NHS (STP0105)

23Doctors for the NHS (STP0122)

24Dr David Kirby (STP0003)

25Dr Graham Winyard (STP0069)

26Dr Gurjinder Sandhu (STP0087)

27Dr Sally Ruane (STP0079)

28Dudley CCG (STP0118)

29Ealing save Our NHS (STP0037)

30East London Health & Care Partnership (STP0040)

31Epilepsy Action (STP0077)

32Faculty of Public Health (STP0059)

33Good Governance Institute (STP0106)

34HCSA (STP0018)

35Healthcare Audit Consultants Ltd (STP0008)

36Healthcare Financial Management Association (STP0041)

37Healthwatch Birmingham (STP0071)

38Healthwatch Cornwall (STP0038)

39Healthwatch County Durham (STP0020)

40Healthwatch England (STP0066)

41Healthwatch Northumberland (STP0039)

42Healthwatch Stockport (STP0129)

43Healthwatch Worcestershire and Healthwatch Herefordshire (STP0054)

44Ipsos MORI (STP0104)

45Keep Our national Health Service Public Sunderland & District (STP0036)

46Keep Our NHS Public (STP0093)

47Keep Our NHS Public (STP0127)

48Keep Our NHS Public - Cornwall (STP0022)

49Kevin Donovan (STP0028)

50Leicester Mercury Patients’ Panel (STP0009)

51Lifeways (STP0019)

52London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (STP0097)

53Macmillan Cancer Support (STP0030)

54Manchester Health and Care Commissioning (STP0119)

55medConfidential (STP0099)

56Medical Technology Group (STP0025)

57Mind (STP0100)

58Mr Colin Standfield (STP0026)

59Mr James Guest (STP0088)

60Mr John Popham (STP0002)

61Mr Michael Vidal (STP0098)

62Mr Mike Llywelyn Cox (STP0017)

63Mr Mike Scott (STP0005)

64Ms Barbara Martin (STP0078)

65Ms Carol Ackroyd (STP0112)

66Ms Celia Minoughan (STP0010)

67Ms Elizabeth Lloyd (STP0091)

68National Voices (STP0101)

69NHS Clinical Commissioners (STP0064)

70NHS Clinical Commissioners (STP0124)

71NHS Confederation (STP0115)

72NHS England and NHS Improvement (STP0108)

73NHS Partners Network (STP0042)

74NHS Partners Network (STP0120)

75NHS Partners Network (STP0121)

76NHS Providers (STP0050)

77NHS Support Federation (STP0060)

78Norfolk & Waveney STP Stakeholder Board (STP0109)

79North East London Save Our NHS (STP0031)

80Nuffield Trust (STP0080)

81Optical Confederation and LOCSU (STP0046)

82Otford Medical Practice Patient Group (STP0016)

83Paediatric Continence Forum (STP0068)

84Parkinson’s UK (STP0045)

85Paul Bunting (STP0114)

86Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (STP0074)

87Professor Allyson Pollock (STP0126)

88Professor Allyson Pollock and Mr Peter Roderick (STP0094)

89Professor Kath Checkland (STP0103)

90Reform (STP0047)

91Richard Taylor (STP0086)

92Richmond Group of Charities (STP0102)

93Royal College of Anaesthetists (STP0096)

94Royal College of Emergency Medicine (STP0015)

95Royal College of General Practitioners (STP0043)

96Royal College of Nursing (STP0048)

97Royal College of Nursing (STP0125)

98Royal College of Physicians (STP0095)

99Royal College of Psychiatrists (STP0082)

100Royal College of Radiologists (STP0058)

101Royal Pharmaceutical Society (STP0110)

102Save Our Hospitals (STP0089)

103ST@P Campaign Group Lutterworth (STP0083)

104The Health Foundation (STP0116)

105The Local Government Association (STP0027)

106The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (STP0049)

107The Shelford Group (STP0052)

108Together for Short Lives (STP0067)

109Totnes Mansion Art (STP0035)

110UNISON (STP0057)

111Unite the Union (STP0070)

112West Sussex County Council (STP0073)

Published: 11 June 2018