Third Special Report of Session 2017–19 Contents


1 Introduction

High Speed 2

Parliament and the Committee

Additional Provisions

The first Additional Provision (AP1)

The second Additional Provision (AP2)


Independent assessment

Compliance with the Standing Orders of the House of Commons and House of Lords

Next parliamentary stages


2 The Proposed Route

The Bill

The Committee’s route visits

3 Principles

Guiding principles and our approach

HS2’s Register of undertakings and assurances

4 Decisions of the Committee in relation to AP2

New Grid Supply Point

Power transmission

Power grid connection

Common Lane and Crawley Lane

The Bill Scheme

Changes to Common Lane proposed in AP2

New Proposal - Crawley Lane

Other decisions

West Midland Bird Club (No. AP2–59)

The Slater family (No. AP2–33)

Sian Froggatt (No. AP2–49)

Stone Town Council (No. AP2–47)

Newcastle Road Residents (No. AP2–75)

Mr and Mrs Bloor (No. AP2–51)

Ingestre Park Golf Club (No. AP2–25)

Ingestre with Tixall Parish Council (No. AP2–21)

Graham Ward 2010 Discretionary Will Trust etc. (No. 40)

Cheshire Wildlife Trust (No. AP2–58)

The Freightliner Group, Freightliner Group Ltd, Freightliner Ltd and Freightliner Heavy Haul Ltd (Nos. 116 and AP2–26 and 139 and AP2–27)

SGB World Services (No. AP1–14)

5 Mental Health



6 Compensation

Statutory compensation: the compensation code

Displaced owners and occupiers

Non-displaced owners

Blight notices

Calculating compensation payments

Discretionary compensation schemes

Express Purchase scheme

Homeowner Payments scheme

Need to Sell scheme

Rent Back or Voluntary Purchase Scheme

Alternative cash offer

Special circumstances and future work

Rural Support Zone scheme

Prolonged Disturbance scheme

What happens if there is disagreement between parties?

7 Community Engagement

Provision of broadband to rural communities

Petitioners who appeared before the Committee

Members of Parliament appearing before the Committee

Sir William Cash MP (Stone) (No. 187)

Antoinette Sandbach MP (Eddisbury) (No.42)

Jack Brereton MP (Stoke on Trent South) (No. 153)

Jeremy Lefroy MP (Stafford) (No. 188)

County and Borough Councils

Stafford Borough Council (Nos. 152 and AP2–57)

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council (No. 141)

Parish Councils

8 Environmental matters

A Green Corridor

Woodland and trees

The Woodland Trust (No. 99 and AP2–63)


Royal Society Wildlife Trust (No. 180) and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust (No. 91)

Cheshire Wildlife Trust (AP 2–58)


National Farmers Union (Nos. 107 and AP2–52) and the Country Business and Landowners Association (No. 140)

Borrow pits

Canals and waterways


Cycling, Footpaths and Bridleways

9 Observations of the Committee

Annex A: Right to appear challenge - Decision of the Committee

Annex B: List of petitioners

Formal minutes

Published: 7 June 2019