Third Special Report of Session 2017–19 Contents

9Observations of the Committee

220.We thought it might be helpful to pass on some of our observations so that successor committees may draw on our experience.

221.We found the route site visits incredibly helpful. We would recommend that anyone undertaking this task visits the areas to be affected, disembarks from the bus and walks parts of the route so that the impact can be truly understood. We walked along public footpaths, tracks and bridleways in order to view the impact of the proposed railway from different angles and lines of sight. We recommend that site visits are conducted for each part of the process. We conducted our visits with representatives from the County Councils present who could guide us through the issues around each area and answer our questions.

222.There is a large volume of documents in committee. Members are provided with a new set each day containing all the evidence. We recommend that HS2 (who co-ordinate the evidence for the petitioner and their Counsel) provide a map at the beginning of each section so that it is immediately clear exactly which farm or village the committee is being asked to look at.

223.We also think that it would have been helpful to have two screens in front of each member in the Committee Room so that comparative maps could be brought up rather than flicking between large paper files.

Published: 7 June 2019