Sexual exploitation and abuse in the aid sector Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website. The Committee also received written evidence that it has not published, by agreement.

SEA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ActionAid UK (SEA0023)

2AIDS-Free World’s Code Blue Campaign (SEA0035)

3Bond (SEA0015)

4Bond Annex A (SEA0051)

5CARE International UK (SEA0017)

6Changing Aid (SEA0025)

7Christian Aid (SEA0031)

8Crown Agents (SEA0053)

9DAI Europe (SEA0048)

10DAI Europe Annex A (SEA0052)

11Dame Barbara Stocking (SEA0055)

12Department for International Development (SEA0012)

13Department for International Development & Ministry of Defence (SEA0056)

14Doughty Street Chambers, Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti and the Disaster Law Project (SEA0041)

15Dr Carla Ferstman (SEA0018)

16Dr Jonathan Parry (SEA0026)

17Dr Lori Handrahan (SEA0010)

18Dr Michael Edwards (SEA0006)

19Dr Miranda Brown (SEA0033)

20ECPAT UK (Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (SEA0014)

21Health Poverty Action (SEA0046)

22Hear Their Cries (SEA0022)

23Helen Evans (SEA0021)

24Hope and Homes for Children (SEA0032)

25Humanitarian Leadership Academy (SEA0044)

26Humanitarian Women’s Network (SEA0057)

27ICSA: The Governance Institute (SEA0013)

28Mr Eamonn Young (SEA0060)

29Mr William Anderson (SEA0037)

30Ms Asmita Naik (SEA0042)

31Ms Asmita Naik (SEA0059)

32Ms Caroline Aldiss (SEA0036)

33Ms Caroline Hunt-Matthes (SEA0034)

34Ms. Asmita Naik (SEA0005)

35Overseas Development Institute (SEA0027)

36Oxfam Annex A (SEA0004)

37Oxfam GB (SEA0003)

38Oxfam GB (SEA0028)

39Palladium (SEA0050)

40PhD, Professor Dyan Mazurana (SEA0008)

41Plan International UK (SEA0024)

42Price Waterhouse Coopers (SEA0049)

43Rape Crisis England and Wales and Equality Now (SEA0058)

44Save the Children (SEA0002)

45Save the Children (SEA0009)

46Save the Children Annex A (SEA0054)

47Social Development Direct (SEA0043)

48The British Red Cross (SEA0020)

49The Charity Commission for England and Wales (SEA0040)

50The International Rescue Committee UK (SEA0030)

51UNA-UK (SEA0047)

52UNFPA (SEA0029)

53UNHCR (SEA0038)

54UNHCR Annex A (SEA0061)

55UNITE the Union (SEA0001)

56VSO (SEA0039)

57World Vision UK (SEA0019) (SEA0007)

Published: 31 July 2018