DFID’s Economic Development Strategy Contents

Conclusions and recommendations

The Strategy

1.We look to DFID to ensure that the responses of individual country teams maintain a focus on wealth creation that includes marginalised groups, takes account of sustainable development and generates revenue for national governments to spend in appropriate ways. (Paragraph 10)

Past criticisms and responses

2.We expect to hear how this approach is evolving, and its impact, when the Department replies to this report and/or in subsequent ICAI follow-up work. (Paragraph 27)

3.We were disappointed to see that there had been little progress on taking account of DFID’s “comparative advantage relative to other development actors” in prioritising interventions. (Paragraph 41)

4.We tend to agree with the Department but DFID should test its confidence in country teams with a programme of review and best practice-sharing. (Paragraph 42)

Published: 17 July 2018