UK investment policy


Terms of reference


1 Introduction

2 Defining and measuring overseas investment

Types of overseas investment

Measuring FDI

Data on inward FDI projects

Data on FDI flows, stocks and earnings

Recent trends in inward FDI

Conclusions and recommendations

3 Investment liberalisation and investment protection

Multilateral and plurilateral agreements

International Investment Agreements

Investment liberalisation in IIAs

Investment protection in IIAs

Sustainable development and IIAs

IIAs to which the UK is already a party

Government policy in respect of the UK’s post-Brexit IIAs

Investment liberalisation outside agreements

Conclusions and recommendations

4 Investment promotion and investment facilitation

Investment and the Industrial Strategy

DIT’s Core Objectives

DIT’s services to inward investors

Fostering a competitive UK business environment

Devolved, regional and local approaches

Devolved nations


The new FDI Strategy and High Potential Opportunities

The role of the university sector

DIT’s operations overseas

The GREAT campaign

HM Trade Commissioners

Trade Envoys and Business Ambassadors

Staffing levels in overseas posts

Outward investment

Measuring DIT’s performance and targeting its efforts

Investment facilitation in international agreements

Conclusions and recommendations

5 Regulation of UK inward investment

Blocking harmful investment

Proposed investment screening regime

Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 30 July 2019