Disclosure of youth criminal records Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

DYC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1An individual (DYC0006)

2An individual (DYC0007)

3An individual (DYC0008)

4An individual (DYC0031)

5An individual (DYC0036)

6An individual (DYC0032)

7Association of Youth Offending Managers (DYC0017)

8Barnardo’s (DYC0025)

9Business in the Community (DYC0038)

10Children’s Commissioner for England (DYC0027)

11Children’s Rights Alliance for England (DYC0009)

12Clinks (DYC0019)

13CRB Problems Ltd (DYC0004)

14Criminal Justice Alliance (DYC0026)

15Financial Ombudsman Service (DYC0039)

16Greater Manchester Youth Justice University Partnership (DYC0015)

17Information Commissioner’s Office (DYC0020)

18Just for Kids Law (DYC0022)

19Leeds Beckett University (DYC0001)

20Michael Sieff Foundation (DYC0014)

21Ministry of Justice and the Home Office (DYC0021)

22Mr Richard Curen (DYC0005)

23Mr Robert Pinnock (DYC0011)

24Nacro (DYC0029)

25National Police Chiefs’ Council Disclosure & Safeguarding Portfolio (DYC0034)

26National Police Chiefs’ Council on the Policing of Children and Young People (DYC0035)

27Nia (DYC0033)

28Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire (DYC0037)

29Prison Reform Trust (DYC0018)

30Professor Liz Campbell (DYC0002)

31Pupils 2 Parliament (DYC0023)

32Standing Committee for Youth Justice (DYC0024)

33Standing Committee for Youth Justice (DYC0056)

34The Magistrates Association (DYC0013)

35Transition 2 Adulthood (T2A) Alliance (DYC0012)

36UK Home Care Association (DYC0030)

37Unlock - for people with convictions (DYC0016)

38Unlock - for people with convictions (DYC0057)

39Wipetheslateclean (DYC0010)

40Youth Justice Board for England and Wales (DYC0028)

24 October 2017