Draft Sentencing Council guidelines on intimidatory offences and domestic abuse



1 Sentencing guidelines and the role of the Committee

The Sentencing Council

Our response to the consultation

2 The Sentencing Council’s approach to the guidelines

Domestic abuse overarching guideline

Assessing seriousness

Gender neutrality

Political context

Intimidatory offences guidelines

3 Resource implications

4 Key themes

The impact of domestic abuse and intimidatory offences

Particular vulnerability of victims

Defining serious distress and psychological harm

Practical impact

Impact on others witnessing the offence

Other aggravating factors

Racially aggravated offences

Mitigating factors

Good character and exemplary conduct


Self-referral for treatment

Other matters to take into consideration

Taking account of the views of victims in assessing seriousness

Psychiatric reports

Restraining orders

Sentencing ranges

Use of statutory maxima


Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix: Summary of responses to the consultation on the revised domestic abuse guideline from the Sentencing Council

Appendix: Summary of responses to the consultation on intimidatory offences guidelines from the Sentencing Council

Formal Minutes

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

23 October 2017