The effectiveness and influence of the select committee system Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

SCA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AsSIST-UK (SCA0061)

2Association of Charitable Foundations (SCA0066)

3Belfast High School (SCS0003)

4Bennister, Dr Mark (SCS0025)

5Beswick, Dr Danielle (SCA0069)

6Beswick, Dr Danielle (SCS0036)

7The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law (SCA0068)

8Bochel, Dr Catherine (SCS0019)

9Bochel, Hugh (SCS0018)

10British Academy of Management (SCA0082)

11Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee (SCS0041)

12Caygill, Mr Tom (SCS0022)

13Colvin, Author, ‘How to Survive a Select Committee’ Scott (SCS0012)

14Constitution Unit, UCL (SCA0056)

15Defty, Dr Andrew (SCS0020)

16Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (SCS0044)

17Edge Hill University politics courses (SCS0029)

18Education Committee, House of Commons (SCA0063)

19Elstub, Dr Stephen (SCS0027)

20Elstub, Dr Stephen (SCS0028)

21Flinders, Professor Matthew (SCA0053)

22Full Fact (SCS0037)

23Geddes, Dr Marc (SCS0023)

24Global Research Network on Parliaments and People (SCA0055)

25Goodwin, Dr Mark (SCS0014)

26Goodwin, Dr Mark (SCS0015)

27Gough, Professor David (SCS0032)

28Haig, Alex (SCS0026)

29Hansard Society (SCA0067)

30Health and Social Care Committee Team (SCA0047)

31Hillier, Ms Meg (SCA0080)

32House of Commons (SCS0004)

33House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (SCA0046)

34Human Rights (Committee on) (SCA0074)

35Institute for Government (SCS0038)

36International Development Committee (SCA0051)

37The Involve Foundation (‘Involve’) (SCA0070)

38Jacob, Wendy (SCS0006)

39Kurpniece, Lady Iveta Iveta (SCS0009)

40The Law Society of Scotland (SCA0054)

41Manchester Metropolitan University (SCS0021)

42Martin, Professor Shane (SCA0073)

43Mills, Mr Oliver (SCS0013)

44The National Children’s Bureau (SCA0075)

45Nesta (SCA0071)

46Parliament and Treaties Hub, House of Commons (SCA0083)

47Patel, Dr Kamal (SCS0033)

48Petitions Committee (SCS0039)

49Potter, Robin (SCS0007)

50Prescott, Dr Craig (SCA0078)

51Ramsey, Dr Rachel (SCA0081)

52Remote Warfare Programme, Oxford Research Group (SCA0064)

53Research and Information, Participation - House of Commons (SCS0045)

54Royal Mencap Society (SCA0065)

55Saferworld & Oxfam (SCA0072)

56Save the Children (SCA0076)

57Scottish Policy and Research Exchange (SCA0077)

58Sense about Science (SCS0030)

59Southbank International School (SCS0024)

60Stickland, Mr Donald (SCS0034)

61submission, Anonymous (SCS0005)

62Transforming Evidence (SCS0017)

63Travers, Professor Antony (SCS0040)

64Tucker, Dr Adam (SCS0031)

65Tugendhat MP, Tom (SCA0050)

66UCL (SCS0008)

67UCL STEaPP (SCS0042)

68UK in a Changing Europe - Parties, Parliament and the Brexit Process Project (SCA0049)

69UK in a Changing Europe Research Hub (SCA0048)

70UK Research and Innovation (SCA0052)

71Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) (SCA0060)

72University of Leeds (SCA0058)

73University of Leeds (SCS0035)

74Web and Publications Unit (SCS0043)

75whitehead, Professor Emeritus christine (SCA0079)

76Willows, Mrs Josephine (SCA0057)

77Yong, Dr Benjamin (SCS0001)

Published: 9 September 2019