Changing committee practice and procedure: enhancing effective working Contents

Conclusions and recommendations

“Guesting” of members between committees

1.We therefore recommend adding the following sub-paragraph to paragraph (1) of S.O. No. 137A:

(e) to invite members of any other committee to which this order applies to attend any meeting and, at the discretion of the chair, ask questions of witnesses or otherwise participate in its proceedings; but no member of another committee so invited may move any motion or amendment, vote or count towards the quorum. (Paragraph 6)

Attendance of a Chair’s personal staff at private committee meetings

2.We recommend a pilot allowing the admission of a nominated member of Chair’s staff to private committee meetings; and accordingly propose the following motion for consideration by the House:

“That, until the end of this Session, notwithstanding Standing Order No. 125 (Select committees (admission of the public)), the chair of a select committee may, with leave of that committee, be accompanied at meetings other than oral evidence sessions by a single, nominated member of his or her personal staff, subject to any further conditions set from time to time by any resolution of the Liaison Committee; and those conditions must include provision for the exclusion of any such person if any member of that committee indicates objection at any time.” (Paragraph 9)

29 March 2018