Debates on Estimates days: piloting new arrangements Contents

Appendix 2: Letter to the Chair of the Committee from the Chair of the Liaison Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

Dear Mr Walker


As you know, the Liaison Committee formally agreed, on 11 December, that it would like to participate in the debate allocation pilot recommended by the Procedure Committee in the last Parliament:

We recommend that the Backbench Business Committee and the Liaison Committee examine informal arrangements whereby the Backbench Business Committee will receive and determine bids for debates on the three Estimates days to be held each session, while the Liaison Committee will recommend select committee business for debate on three of the days controlled by the Backbench Business Committee in that session. We stand ready to assist those Committees in the practical implementation of any such arrangements. (Paragraph 83)

I understand that your Committee team will shortly be making suggestions for how the pilot will operate. I hope that we can get arrangements in place ahead of the debates on the Supplementary Estimates coming up in February/March. I look forward to receiving further details and I am happy to be involved in discussion about the arrangements if that would be helpful. My Clerk is also available to discuss with your team as required.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Sarah Wollaston MP

Chair of the Committee

January 2018

18 January 2018