Proxy voting and parental absence Contents



1 This inquiry

The resolution of the House of 1 February

The inquiry

2 Is proxy voting required for ‘baby leave’?

Present arrangements for absence from divisions in the House

Participation in divisions


‘Nodding through’

Provision for proxy voting in other Parliaments

Maternity and paternity absences under existing arrangements

Are the existing arrangements adequate?

Arrangements to cater for maternity absence

Members’ experience of maternity absence

Should proxy voting be available to others?

3 Operation of a proxy voting scheme

Eligibility for the scheme

Starting and ending the scheme

Members eligible to act as a proxy

Varying the arrangement

Recording a proxy vote

When a proxy vote ought to be available

Categories of business

Procedural incompatibilities

When a proxy vote ought not to be used

Use of proxy votes outside the Chamber

Paper ballots


4 Implementation and review

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: proposed Standing Order changes to provide for proxy voting

Annex 2: proposed provisions of a proxy voting scheme

Annex 3: proposed resolution governing the operation of proxy voting

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 15 May 2018